Tainted Victory – Chapter 8 Conclusion (Page-a-Day)

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Hugh returned to his squat next to Siguard. “Who is your King?

“You know him.”

“Is it one of the Blues outside?” Colt asked. 

Siguard growled again. “What do you think?”

“I think… that is a yes,” Goblet said. Goblet fell back into his chair. His stare drifted to the stone wall. He squatted his eyes and tilted his head. “I think it all… is weird that the bricks down stairs are…” he angled his hands up and down. “Not… straight. But they are straight up here.”

The team turned to him “What?” Hugh said. 

“The bricks are…” he repeated the angling hand motion. 

“What is he talking about?” Evelyn asked. 

“I don’t know,” Olivier said. He walked over to the fallen warrior. “I do not think this guy will be much help to us anymore.” He tapped his staff inches from Siguard’s head. “At least not until we find the weapon that caused him to be taken possession of, and break that spell.” 

“Did you figure out the weapon that caused him to be like this?” Claudia asked. 

“It’s a knife.” Hugh rubbed his face and stepped away from Siguard. “Based on the length and depth of the cut it was something with a thick blade.” He made a slashing motion across his face. “So, it was a knife.”

“I’ll go look for it,” Olivier said.

“I’ll… come with you!” Goblet shook his hand. 

“Is that a good idea?” Claudia asked.

“Oliiver?” Hugh looked at the mage. “Is that okay?”

Olivier scratched the top of his hand. “Yes,” he said. He aimlessly blinked a couple time. “That is good. I need some muscle to protect these old bones.”

Goblet slammed his palm on the desk. “I’ve… got… muscles!” He shot out of his chair. It stumbled to the floor. He pointed his thumb to his chest. “Ican… do it.”

“Love the enthusiasm,” Olivier said.

“I think that is closer to intoxication,” Evelyn said.

“What should we do?” Claudia asked.

“We should check out the wall downstairs,” Hugh said. “If the wall has changed, then maybe there is another secret passage we didn’t know about.”

The party stared at Evelyn. She arched her foot onto the chair and picked dust and lint off her legs. “It is possible. I was just a handmaid, and then a prisoner here.”  She moved her finger side to side in order to illustrate the change.

“Okay, we’ll do that,” Hugh said. He looked to Colt. “And Colt, you will…” his voice drifted away as he saw Colt. His legs were propped up on the table. His hands were clasped in his lap, his jaw was slack, and a low snore emanated from his mouth. 

“Sleep, apparently,” Claudia said.

“We have been up for some time,” Olivier said. “Then the emotional tax of finding a dead body, talking to the enemy, and fighting stone statues.”

“It’s an exhausting time,” Evelyn said.

“Okay,” Hugh said. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. A plan formulated in the creases of his brain. “Okay,” he repeated, “here is the plan: Olivier and Goblet are going down to the vault to look for the enchanted weapon in order to reverse what is going on with Siguard. We,” Hugh pointed to himself and the two ladies, “will check for secret passages downstairs. Siguard is out, so he will be fine. Colt will be the first to nap. We will reconvene. When we do so the next person will rest and come up with the next play.”

“Aye,” Goblet said. 

“Someone better wake the sleeping baby.” Evelyn pointed to Colt.

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