Tainted Victory – Chapter 9, Part 3 (Page-a-Day)

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Olivier and Goblet squeezed through the tight side corridor and to the entrance of the vault. Olivier’s staff illuminated their path with a glowing light from the tip. It’s bottom clicked with each brick it skipped over. “Just be prepared to see some mess,” the mage said. He stretched his arm out to illuminate deeper into the corridor. 

“After everything I have seen a little mess and combat aftermath will be the least of my worries.” Goblet took a deep breath in. His chest and stomach grazed the edge of the wall.

“If you say s…” Olivier exited the corridor. His eyes looked beyond the entrance. His mouth drooped.

“What is it?” Goblet scooted through the remaining corridor with the speed of a confined horse. He emerged on the other side, swung his axe up and looked in the same direction Olivier had.He raised an eyebrow. 

Beyond the doorway sat the vault. Only, instead of the wrecked, soldier ridden mess the party left it, it sat untouched. Untouched except for the crown jewel, the dragon egg, not sitting on the pedestal. The jewel cases were all upright, their glass tops intact. The stone soldiers were in their cubbyholes, at attention and ready to attack as soon as they hit the pressure switch. The lights above gave off a warm glow. 

Olivier waved a hand over the top of his staff. The illuminate orb compressed into nothing, “This does not make any sense,” he murmured.

“Well let’s see.” Goblet took a step into the room before running into the end of Olivier’s wooden staff. “What is the problem?”
    “That room is dangerous. We must proceed with caution.” Olivier lowed his staff and took a step into the room, himself. He took a second. His body crossed the threshold. Goblet then followed suit. 

Goblet rested his axe along his shoulder. “What are we looking for?” he asked. He looked around the clean room. There were a couple weapons closed off in jewel cases. 

“A knife,” Olivier reminded him. 

“Anyone in particular?” Goblet inched forward to the closest jewel case. He reached the tips of his toe out and lightly tapped the bricks in front of them. None of them gave. He took a confident step onto them. In front of him sat a foot long weapon divided into two sections. Just under half was a rounded handle with odd markings on it. The upper half was a bulbous blade that curved downward into a single point. “This one looks pretty weird.”

Olivier came up the side and examined it through the case. “It is not our runes or magic,” he said. 

“Could it be our knife?”

“Seems too easy,” Olivier ran his hand through his beard. He snapped his fingers. “I got it!” He raised his staff up.

Goblet took a tested step back. “What are you about to do?”

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