Tainted Victory – Chapter 9, Part 4 (Page-a-Day)

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“I am about to cast a spell that… Well, let me just show you.” He raised his staff up. The tip crested the entrance of the vault. He began to chant an unknown language. The tip began to absorb light. Runes began to glow and run up the sides of the staff. The tips light built and balled into a large orb. The orb casted a harsh light across Olivier and Goblet’s face. Olivier chanted louder and louder. The orb grew larger and larger. The objects under the jewel cases glowed. Golden flashes erupted and blinded the pair. The cases glowed brighter and brighter. The statues along the wall lit up. The statues then began to shiver, jump around, and shake the room. Particles of dust, rocks, and debris sprinkled down from above. The jewel cases reverberated, clang, and knocked around the floor in a cacophonous wail. 

Goblet rose his arm over his eyes, grabbed the raised staff and yanked it down. The light and glow faded to immediate nothingness. The shaking ceased soon after. The orb atop the staff ejected away then exploded into a single bright flash before it too faded away. “What was all of that?” Goblet asked. “I think I lost all sight.” He rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb.

Olivier shook his staff free of Goblet’s chunky hand. “The spell was supposed to reveal what items in here were magical and which ones were not.”

“I’d say that they are all magical if that is the case. I mean they all looked like the sun just exploded in an outhouse.”

“It is cramped in here.” Olivier examined the room. “Do you have any other ways to figure out which knife is the one we are looking for?”

“Well it is a knife for one. It will be small and bladed.” Goblet held his fingers out as an example of a possible length a knife could be. 

“I know what a knife looks like.”

“I say we split up and mark which items it could be.”


The two split up. Goblet took the front half of the vault while Olivier took the rear. Olivier handed Goblet a handful of flower petals to lay on the case as they passed by. Goblet shook the handful of petals. They were a gradient going from a deep navy at the base to a toxic green at the tip. Goblet sniffed them, but got no scent from them. He laid one of the petals on the first case, tested the next tile and moved forward to the closest jewel case. Olivier went the opposite direction to the far corner. Goblet tested another tile. He took a step next to a case with a short spear. He shook the petals in his hand, counted them over, nodded, then took one and placed it on the case. “What are these things?” he asked. He took another couple of cautious steps to the adjacent jewel case.

“What?” Olivier tapped his cane over the tiles in front of him. One had a slight give. He stepped around it and checked the jewel case. A  row of amber gems were strung together by solid gold. He tested the next tiles and moved to the next case.

“What are these petal things?” Goblet yelled. He felt a loose tile and jumped over it to a clear one. 

“They are flower petals.” Olivier laid his eyes on a jagged dagger in a jade hilt. He laid a petal on top of the case.

“Yes, but what are they? Like kind.”

“Ah.” Olivier checked a couple more cases. “They are Porta Fann Floris.” He ran his thumb over the collection of petals in his hand. They were soft and fragile. “They help facilitate teleportation and spatial magic.”

“Oh.” Goblet poured the leaves into a single hand, then wiped the free one on his furs. “Ahh, how do they work?” he asked. 

“Pretty simply.” Olivier laid a petal along the case cover to a straight-edge knife with gems in the hilt. “They can create doorways when I burn the stem and say a couple lines of magic.”


“It’s harmless. It just leaves ahh,” Olivier made a circle with the base of his staff, “A burn mark in the place where it happened.”

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