Tainted Victory – Chapter 9, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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“So we are destroying royal property.”

“They have enough…” Olivier cut himself off. 

“Everything okay, Olivier?” Goblet turned his head from the jewel case to the pale mage. His whole body was still as the statues along the wall. That was until the statues began to vibrate, shake, move, and take their first steps out of their alcoves and to the intruders. “That is a no.” With his free hand Goblet heaved his axe toward the closest approaching soldier. 

“We cannot fight them,” Olivier said. 

“Aye?” The soldier approaching Goblet, a spearman jabbed its stone tip at him. Goblet stepped out of the way. The point glided past him. Goblet turned to the soldier. He dropped his axe down. It cleaved through the tan, rocky skin. Its left arm fell to the floor. The statue spun its spear around in its right hand and swung it at Goblet. The spear smacked against his rib. He grunted in pain. His previous bout with Siguard came in a wave of dull aches. He felt a hot sting shoot through him. 

“Aye,” Olivier said. He ducked under the swing from an axe soldier. He looked over and saw a third jewel case. He stretched out and slapped his petals on the top of the case. The axe soldier reared back for another swing. 

“Mage!” Goblet yelled.

Olivier grasped both hands on his staff then jammed it onto the stone floor. Glowing runes ran from the sides of the staff down to its base and spread out onto the floor. The runes congealed into a pile. The pile exploded upward into a singular pillar of stone. The stone axe collided with the pillar. It stopped partway through. Olivier quickly shuffled away from the jewel case and to the exit of the vault. A sword soldier vaulted over the jewel case directly to the mage. It jabbed it’s stone tipped blade at the mage. Olivier held his staff out. The blade stabbed the staff. Olivier dug his hand into his robe and removed a purple stem. He placed the stem between his thumb and middle finger, then snapped. The stem exploded into a raging flame. He pushed his staff back, a small purple circle formed between the staff and the soldier.The soldier stabbed its blade again. The blade crossed the path of the circle of flames. It vanished. 

Goblet rolled out of the way of an axe chop from a soldier. His head bumped the side of a jewel case. A shattering crash erupted from the top of the case. Bits of glass sleeted onto his furs. Goblet looked up. A stone sword poked out the top of the jewel case. Goblet rolled under the case, popped up, swung his axe and chopped the top of the blade. The axe soldier chasing him sliced down. Goblet backed up. The stone axe smashed the case. The soldier’s smooth face looked down at the case, up to Goblet, then back down at the case again. “Sorry, that is on you and your boss.” He pivoted around and took off to the exit.

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