Tainted Victory – Chapter 9, Part 8 (Page-a-Day)

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The wall had large tiles separated by thick caulking around the edges. The one Evelyn pushed by accident remained in its new, deeper, position. She ran the jar over all the tiles she could reach. They were all the same. Would the next one open a hole and drop her in? Or, would it open up this wall and she could get to Hugh? Hugh! He was still on the other side! “Hugh!” She yelled. 

There was no response on the other side. 

“Doctor, can you hear me?” She asked. There was another round of silence. She tucked her ear into the hole made by the pushed in brick. “Dr Dumbname, are you there?” She stuck her head deeper into the hole. There was a faint noise of water, but nothing else. A dull pain ran up her neck. “Dammit.” She raised the jar and looked over her options again. She checked over her shoulder for good measure. Yep, the pit of death and despair still sat behind her. She shook her head and traced her fingers of the bricks. 

Evelyn had been used to figuring out trick walls and doors before. They always seemed to leave a mark that stuck out in her mind. There was just something about those bricks that left the impression that they weren’t supposed to be there, or they were laid in wrong. The wall before her was all warning signs. Usually they were easy to spot. Scuff marks here, a small protrusion there. Easy stuff. These ones were all set a little out of place. That too had been normal. This was not the first time she had come face to face with a wall of possible options. Lots of marks from low level Dukes to high level magistrates had multiple secret and fake out walls. The difference was that those marks also were dumb enough to not remember the correct option and had it labeled in some form or fashion. Again, not so here. She scanned the bricks with the lit jar to be sure. There were no markings on any of them. This wall was made to not be found or crossed. She looked back at the pit. It was too far to jump at her current spot. 

The darkness began to creep in more and more. Evelyn took a couple deep breaths of her own. She exhaled then rested her hand on the wall. It was wet. She yanked it away. It glided passed her face and then she got it. A scent ran under her nostrils. A scent she recognized only in so far as it was a recent scent. She closed her eyes to put the odor with what it had come from. She wanted to put it on the armor wearing block head, but that didn’t congeal. Instead the scent sat on the edge of memory. It was in that moment she wished she had paid attention to those things more. She knew Hugh would have pegged it instantly. However the scent was distinct and recent enough she figured it out. She stuck her neck out and waved her nose over the bricks. The odor came back to her. She smirked then pressed the brick the scent originated from. 

The brick slid in easily, like the last one. The whole room shook. Evelyn spun around to see bricks slide over the pit and shut close. She tapped the nearest brick with her toe. Nothing happened. She took a step forward. The brick clicked. A pit formed in her stomach. She looked down waiting for the pit the drop her. Instead there was a gust of air next to her. She looked. Another wall of stones erupted out from the floor and embedded itself in the ceiling above. The shadows completely took her over. There was no light. It didn’t last however. One of the previously secured side walls clicked and rotated in on itself to expose a second tunnel. She walked up to it and held the jar up to the entrance. It seemed like more of the same, meaning it was a better shot than where she was. She entered the tunnel and felt a warm sense of positivity fill her. The scent had returned.

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