Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 5 (a Review)

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Does two episodes make a pattern? I ask mostly because the further the season goes it will be harder and harder to judge how good the season is overall. The only new insights I have going in is that I saw Zoey’s dad in New Girl and I want more of him like that.

In the episode proper Zoey’s brother and sister in law are having marital problems. Meanwhile Zoey’s has stopped texting her work crush, Zoey and her boss give their team peer feedback, Max and his girlfriend are having problems. Finally, the work crush (Simon) has deceased’s dads birthday he must deal with.

This is a downer episode that leaves plot threads hanging. It in fact ends on a cliffhanger. The whole episode centers around failure. Zoey fails for help her brother, and an employee hurt by the anonymous surveys. Zoey’s brother is failing to be the man he wants to be to his soon to arrive son, and Simon feels like he missed chances to help his father. It’s a good idea and has the right message of using failure to grow, but also wants to tell a compelling narrative. That may work in the long run, but presently it is hard because it feels like the story just kind of ends instead of arrives at that conclusion naturally.

It’s hard to say if this was a good episode overall. I think depending on where the plot goes it could be good, or falter. It’s a bridge episode.

What it does do well is give Zoey some fun things to do during the musical numbers. Usually she just watches and follows the person as they sing their feelings. That still happens. But this time she gets to do “Its your Thing” with her father. She really brightens up. Smiling, dancing, really being a vibrant person with some real personality. Similarly in the ending song with Simon she gets very giddy and makes the move of closing the door to end out the episode. She feels alive and active in a way she usually doesn’t. It also help show off the camera work. This mixing up of choreography forces the camera to change it up and we get some impressive shots for TV.

The songs this episode are good. There is a good variety. We start with the shows first duet “Isn’t it Enough” which is as depressing as the original. We get a character singing “Everybody Hurts” multiple times. I’m not sure if it’s comedic or not, but find that interesting. We get a rocking number, and the final two songs as mentioned above are really great. That is “It’s your Thing” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go” respectfully.

We are in the middle of the season. I assume this is on a short, 12 or 14 episode order. I cannot imagine a full 24 episode season of the show. Even so that means most episodes will be like this. I try not to spoil because you should watch it. I like the show. It still is not great or what I hoped it to be, but it can be on its way.

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