Hot 100 Review: Stupid Love by Lady Gaga

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It’s a a real throwback to see Lady Gaga back on the chart in so long. Sure, she made it in for her song in A Star is Born, but having her come back with a big pop number makes me feel like I’m in high school all over again. It’s weird. I always found her songs catchy but didn’t love them. Stupid Love is similar in that way.

Stupid Love, though, is a song a type of song I’ve been dreading to cover. That song is the song I think is just fine. It’s fine. I think it is overall a passable song I have no strong feelings about. I have no real insight into what it’s saying, and isn’t complex enough for a deep dive.

With all of that said I’ll do my best anyway.

The song’s beat and production feels like a 90s pastiche. I think it comes from the vocal reverberations in the mix. It gives me a Finally by Cece Peniston vibe. That combined with Gaga’s strong voice really sells this more 90s era pop/disco song. The underlying beat is fine though. It’s pretty standard and just repeats through the whole song.

The lyrics all center around wanting and validating her need to have this “stupid love” with someone. There is some detail, but not a lot. Just that this person is the one she’s been looking for, and the only way she can get better is to open up. Then the love takes her higher, breaks her free, protects her, and that she doesn’t need a reason for her stupid love (cool, I love it when I’m told there is no reason for things).

I am a lyrics guy. That is how I connect with song the most. Hence why I usually spend a bulk of my reviews analyzing them. It is also the biggest deficit when trying to review songs like this. For this pop-dance number it is fine. She uses the word higher a lot to show how the love lifts her up. It remind me of Frequent Flyer by Chromeo in that way. She also uses freak out and get down to try and communicate her inner turmoil of trying to pursue her love. It’s fine. Not a lot, but is fine.

The lyrics do leave me with a lot of questions though (here are literally my inner thoughts every time I hear the song). Why is the love stupid? Is she calling herself stupid, or is the other person stupid? What about this person makes her stupid, or them stupid? Is it really the best idea to go up to your crush and say I like you and want your stupid love? Is this song actually just about equality and openness of relationships? Like, is it saying all love should be stupid and valid? If that’s the case why isn’t it more focused on that? Did I miss lyrics, she says the same three words a lot in a row (you are now exiting my head. I hope you think about all of these questions next time you listen to the song in order to see why I think the song is just fine)?

The video for this song was shot on an iPhone 11 (thanks for that ad Apple). The video is set in She-Ra’s post apocalypse where color coordinated tribes dance off for dominance. Lady Gaga and her tribe comes and helps reunite them through dance. She also uses the force once. It feels like there might be more actual story and world building in the video with all the different costumes Gaga wears like she’s part of different groups, but it’s hard to tell. I have no idea what this has to do with love. In fact it makes me want to add questions to my pedantic list above. I get that love is supposed to unite the tribes, but why do you have to call it stupid? Wouldn’t that make you not want it (I’d say I digress but it’s too late for that)? As a video it is fine. You can watch it and get the song as intended. I am not sure what it has to do with stupid love .

The song is fine. Lady Gaga has a great voice and the song itself is easy to listen to. It’s not a chore by any means. I just have no strong feelings about it. I am not overly annoyed that the lyrics are shallow (though I should be), and the beat is fun, if repetitive.

It’s fine.

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