Tainted Victory – Chapter 9, Part 11 (Page-a-Day)

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“Just give yourself up.” Evelyn crept a step closer. She held her hand out, “Hugh and the others will be back. The army is outside, you can’t escape. Just give yourself up.”

Claudia flinched away. “I didn’t kill him. I showed you the arrows and everything. I couldn’t have killed him.”

“That is something an assassin would do to throw us off their trail.” Evelyn retracted her step and gripped her hidden knife harder. It seemed like it would have to resort to a fight. “It doesn’t matter anyway because you did not set up your arrows in the bathroom. Seems like a fine enough excuse to not invade our privacy. However you used that to hide your fire ring on the other side of the wall where I found this!” She tossed the arrow at Claudia. Claudia swiped the arrow away. Evelyn leapt behind the swipe. She raised her knife and slashed at Claudia’s arm. 

“Stop!” Claudia said. She rolled away from the knife slash, pulled her two knives with her their hilts, spun them toward Evelyn then threw one. It spun through the air, whirring end over end. Evelyn held up her knife. Caludia’s dagger collided with Evelyn’s. 

The blade spun out, clattered to the floor and rolled away. Evelyn looked down at the knife, then looked up to see Claudia leapt at her, blade out. Evelyn blocked the stab. Sparks flew out from the collision. Evelyn swept her opponent’s legs. Claudia fell. Evelyn followed it up with a palm to the face. Claudia blocked the palm jab with her arm. It let out a loud smack on contact. Claudia rolled to the floor. She went for her crossbow still in its holster. Evelyn saw her fingers graze the shoulder stock. She jumped onto Claudia. Claudia held her arms up guarding herself from the brunt of the hit. Evelyn leaned her knee onto Claudia’s arm. She raised her knife and dropped it down. Claudia buried her hand into her quiver, removed an arrow and stabbed its head into Evelyn’s knife. The two blade tips hit. The arrowhead exploded in a bright flash. Evelyn held her arms up to block her eyes. She then felt Claudia sit up then smack her head against Evelyn’s. Evelyn recoiled from the hit. She leaned back further and pulled her hand back into a fist. She threw the punch. 

“What are you two doing!?” Hugh called. 

Evelyn stopped her punch mid-air. She looked over to the giant double-door entrance to the castle. Hugh looked haggard. He was breathing heavily and leaning against the door. His button down shirt was pulled out of his pants. DIrt and mud caked his shirt and red vest. His hair was in equal disarray. The usual slicked back black hair was tossed side to side. On his arm there was a bunch of skin that looked pulled and fused together like taffy. He tried to slick his hair back. It just fluffed back to its mess. 

“Ahh,” Evelyn got out. She was more taken aback by his appearance than she thought.

“She is accusing me of being the one who killed Raisor!” Claudia yelled. Her head was perched off the floor.”

Hugh did his best march over to the two women. It turned into more of a staggering hobble, but the attempt was solid enough. 

Evelyn hopped off of Claudia. She smoothed her outfit, fixed her hair, and returned her knife to its proper sheath. “I am accusing her because it is true. I have proof of it.”

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