Tainted Victory – Chapter 10, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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“Well,” Hugh grunted. He re-gripped the arrow shaft and pulled it back. The shaft tensed up. “There could be a second person.” His fingers grew red. He released the arrow and grabbed it again. “Someone got Raisor and ran, then a second person got Siguard.” He pulled the arrow back. He could feel the metal head slipping free of the flesh. 

“To dwindle our forces,” Evelyn said. She walked behind Siguard and placed her fingers around his head. 

“So you think this is still part of the plot of the general out there?” Hugh pulled the arrow. It popped out. He stumbled back a couple steps before stopping. 

“It would make sense. He wants the dragon egg.” She looked at the egg. It was refracting a rainbow of light around the room. It was majestic and radiated heat from even where she stood. She could feel a wave of energy lap over her. “Does not explain why the killer did not just take the egg now while they were in the room.”

“You and the rest of the team carried it here in the first place, correct?”


Hugh laid the arrow onto the table. He removed the arrow Claudia gave him, and the snapped arrow Evelyn found. He laid them next to the first arrow and lined their arrow tips up to be even. The snapped one was covered in soot and dirt, the one Claudia gave was similarly discolored, but less so. It probably came from the fact she only used it once to blind Evelyn in their tussle. The final arrow, the one he just pulled out of Siguard was covered in dried, brown blood. “But only you guys, and the people in here would know that the dragon egg burns on contact with the skin.”

“So that means it has to be someone in our party!”
    “Or someone you gave information to the army outside.”

“But that would still have to be someone in our current group!”


“That leaves one possible culprit,” Evelyn said. She slapped her hand on the table. 

As if on cue Goblet opened the door to the strategy room. Colt stood in the center of the doorframe. He was in his regular shirt and pants with his short sword at his side. His hair was tousled and standing on end. He had bags under his eyes and could not stop yawning. He entered the room and tried to pat his hair down. It did not work. The hair shot right back up. He turned and saw Siguard’s body. Color vanished from his face. Claudia followed behind him and pulled a chair out for the sleepy guy. Hounder entered with Goblet. 

“What happened?” Colt asked.

“You tell us,” Evelyn said. She smacked the table. 

“I mean I was sleeping. All animals, even us humans, need our sleep right. I climbed right into bed and was out of this world in sleep. I guess I heard some noises, but with how big this castle is and old and rickety it is hard to tell what is a suspicious noise and what is just normal.”

“Ah huh,” Evelyn said. She circled back around Hugh and stood with her arms crossed. 

Hugh leaned forward in his chair and rested his arm on the table. “Did you get up at all?”

Colt looked back over at Siguard. His face began to quiver and shake. He clenched his fists. Closed his eyes, then sighed. “I did not.” He opened his eyes. “I was in my room the whole time. Not even Hounder got up. He pointed to his dog who was not sitting by him. Instead Hounder was at Goblet’s feet getting handfuls of pets.

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