Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 6 (a Review)

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Time to just jump into this review like the show does to that cliffhanger. Last episode Zoey took some hit, but close to her work crush Simon. Following that now Simon’s fiancé is calling Zoey, Max has to face up to the fact he broke up with Autumn, Zoey’s boss signed her divorce papers, and Simon’s engagement party is happening all on the same night. Big Oof.

The stride this show hit a couple episodes back continues. The comedic situations are strong, singing is good, and drama fits. The events help build a nice friend relationship between Max and Mo as Mo helps Max get over Autumn. We dig into Simon and Rachel’s (I think that is her name. I’m terrible with names) relationship. Zoey’s dad gets a best friend to visit. That plot line leads to a real tender situation between men, something really rare and works. Zoey’s boss gets to unwind and bond with some of her employees in a plot line that I hope continues just for all the places it could go. It really works. The pace is up but doesn’t feel cheap.

This show really isn’t much of a melodrama so I never commented on it, but it reaches that place now. The only difference is that I do not think it is melodrama. It astounds me (though it shouldn’t) at how reasonable people are. There is some exaggeration with that. Rachel finds out Zoey likes Simon and he came to her apartment the previous evening by overhear Zoey and her mom talk about that. She is understandably upset and angry by that. It does not help that Zoey accidentally burns a rose wall in the process. She is also equally mad at Simon, which, good on her. It just feels like the writers are trying to make these people feel reasonable and understanding in normal moments so the songs can be the extreme.

The songs are real good this time around. Autumn gets “You Give Love a Bad Name.” She sounds like the Hex girls when she sings and that amazing. Zoey’s boss continues to go to late 2000s/early 2010s music with “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. Rachel gets “Say My Name,” and has great choreography and acting as she calls out Zoey. Finally Max gets a song for Zoey when he has to help her see her dad because of an accident. He gets “500 Miles,” and it’s the first time I heard how the whole song went. It even comes with a stellar reprise.

I am excited to see where it goes. It is strange we don’t pick back up with Zoey’s brother and sister-in law. Maybe episode 7.

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