Tainted Victory – Chapter 10, Part 7 (Page-a-Day)

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Hugh spoke up. “He’s trying to manipulate you. Focus on grasping whatever he has.”

Evelyn let out an exhausted sigh. “I’m done with this,” she said. She slapped her leg and grabbed a knife. Her hairs stood on end. Something was aimed at her. She looked to her left and saw a bow drawn arrow pointed at her.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” Colt said. 

“I should say that to you,” Evelyn said. She removed her hand from the knife along her leg. 

“Ah huh. Move!” Colt pushed the bow and arrow forward. Evelyn moves closer to Hugh and the rest of the party.

“Thank you, Colt,” Olivier said. He looked back to Claudia. Her hand remained frozen against his back. “Just back away, Claudia.” 

“Enough!” Goblet bellowed. His neck muscles flexed. He raised his arms. Colt pointed his bow to Goblet. Goblet flung Olivier off his neck. The old man tripped back against the railing. “You are a weak man and liar. I am done with you.” 

“As am I with all of you.” Olivier placed his hand on the stone floor. A light flashed from the bottom of his palm. It quickly spread to the stone and through the cracks of the floor. 

“Oh for the love of…” Evelyn did not finish her statement. She reached for her knife and grabbed it by the blade. 

“I warned you.” Colt spun the arrow toward Evelyn. He let go of the string. It snapped back and the arrow flew true. 

Or, it should have. Hugh turned around. His whole body moved from his one planted leg. He held his hand out. The arrowhead aimed for Evelyn was intercepted by Hugh’s raised palm. It continued its path and ended by driving itself into Hugh’s hand and out the other side. Blood ran from the limited space in the wound. Hugh reached for the arrow. “Little good. Just lots of pain.” He laughed at himself. He twisted his hand around the wooden shaft. It felt similar to the burnt half in the strategy room. 

“Don’t take  it out!” Evelyn cried. 

Hugh tore the arrow out through his palm. Blood presently followed. It ran down his palm, onto his forearm, and dropped onto the glowing floor. 

“You’re dead.” Evelyn ducked around Hugh, raised the knife, and steadied her arm. 

“Hold on,” said Hugh. He raised his right hand. He wrapped it around his bleeding palm. Blood pooled and splashed from between his palms. Then a bright flash flashed from between his palms. A light glowed a vibrant green from under his sleeve. The light soon faded along with the blood. He removed his hand and wiped some of the blood onto his pants. He held up his hand. All that remained of the hole was a fused, scarred skin. 

Evelyn raised her knife for the third time. She could feel the creak in her elbow. “That was a nice light show,” she said. “But I am done with shows and displays.”

“I’m glad I am on the same page with someone.” Olivier then chanted a few words.

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