Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 7 (a Review)

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I always try to keep to a schedule. It’s good for everyone, and I think doubly needed in this current climate (and I’m not even talking about the still real climate change killing us as we all get sick). So it is always nice when network TV trudges on. That means so can I!

Coming out of last episode’s conclusion Zoey and Max start to spend more time together. This leads Max to confess his feeling via flash mob. Zoey must now make a confession of her own. Meanwhile Lief and Joan (Zoey’s boss whose name I remember now) continue to work on their information ear piece that leads to messy social problems, also Zoey’s dad gets an in-house aid.

Is it wrong to like being right sometimes. Maybe it’s because it seemed obvious but I do enjoy knowing how certain ideas I predict turn out. The whole boss and employee team up as already help push the story and drama in some very good places. We get more about Leif and his partner Tobin. You could feel it coming, and making it a bromance breakup or separation feels exactly like this shows kind of clever twist.

I could not predict the whole Zoey and Max plot for this episode. I think the flash mob reveal is great, and everything that comes out of it feels really human and natural. The team really knows how to push their characters into a reasonable place and make them be honest without being sappy (for the most part).

Mitch’s hunt for an in home nurse is kind of fun as far as what someone who is dying would want out of their final years over what they might need. I wonder if it is something that will be explored further since that is defiantly a theme very few shows try to tackle.

Oh, and Zoey’s brother is here long enough for their mom to say to stop fighting, and a throw away line that made Zoey’s involvement pay off, breaking what that episode was about, but okay…

The songs in this episode are fine. Zoey’s mother cannot sing, and her doing Elvis does not work. We get some No Doubt which is always a treat, and the rest are fine. No real standouts from this pass.

At this moment it is difficult to say where things will go. Not just in the show, but if the show will continue to air, or even be renewed. I don’t know what viewership is like, but with the nonsense happening around us I am wondering when they will stop airing new episodes and how that will effect the show. In the meanwhile I will keep hyping it up.

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