Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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Heavens light grew brighter and brighter the closer he got to outer black walls around him. Colt felt the blade his master had given him. He slid the blade into the waistband of his belt.He crossed the threshold out of the kingdom. A figure he could not make out in blue approached him. The blue figure placed a hand on his sword. 

    The blue figure spoke. “One of the people from the castle is here!” he called out. “Who are you and why are you here?” the figure addressed to him. 

    “I am here on orders of my master to meet with your master,” Colt said. 

    “You’re not meeting him.” The blue figure drew his sword. 

    Colt took a step back and reached back for his knife. He could feel a warming breeze blow through. The blue figure held his sword out. Its blade glisened off the heavenly aura casting down from above. The blue figure thrusted the sword forward. Colt sidestepped the sword. It sliced the air next to him. Colt drew the knife from the back of his pants, stabbed it underneath the figure’s arm, lifted his own arm  up, and twisted the figure’s arm. The whole blue figure spun and fell onto his back. Colt kicked the sword away. It bounced off the grass and dirt below. He then dropped his knee onto the figure, pointed the knife down and placed its blade up to the figure’s throat. 

    “That is quite enough.”

    Colt looked up from the figure to see his target, Troforsect, beaming under heaven’s light. His blue armor beamed a vibrant blue reflection onto Colt’s face. Colt removed his knee from the figure and stood up, quickly sheathing his knife. He knew the target could not know the real reason why he was here, yet. “General Troforsect,” Colt said. 

    “I see you have made good on your threat to return.” Troforsect placed a free hand on the hilt of his storm bringing sword. “You might be formidable, but you cannot take us all on your own.”

    Colt crossed his arms behind his back. He made sure to grip the handle of his knife with the top hand, and sheath with the bottom. “I am not here to fight you. I am here on the order of my master.”

    “Master?” Troforsect furrowed his brow in confusion. “Ahh!” His face lit up. “You are here on behalf of the mage, correct?” He took a tentative step closer. 

    Colt nodded. “You are right.”

A soldier stepped up to Troforsect and whispered in his ear, “He does not seem right, sir. His eyes are not here, and his movements were quick, but jumbled.”

Troforsect scoffed. “That just means he is tired after constantly having to watch his own back.” He turned his attention back to Colt. “What is it your master wants?” 

Colt scanned his target over. The blue coated armor covered his whole torso and legs. He had matching gauntlets on his arms, and gloves on his hands. The only possible opening was the face. His face was completely open. He would have to get close to make a strike. He could feel the tension as he even tried to step forward. “Please sir, come here. I do not want the rest of your men to hear.”

“Speak freely!” Troforsect opened his arms wildly. “I will not hide anything with my men.”

“I understand sir,” Colt said. “But I have been given order and do not think my master would want the rest of your men to hear.”

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