Hot 100 Review: Adore You by Harry Styles

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Who would have thought that there would ever be a time when you wished One Direction would get back together. I mean I say that like I’m still a teenager who hates them when I do honestly miss their absolute dorky sincerity. It is also clear that separate from one another none of them have the singular talent to continue a solo career. None of them are the Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, or Beyoncé of this new generation. This all takes us to today’s song “Adore You.”

Adoration is an interesting trait for love songs to constantly go back to. It is in theory what all romances should be, a deep love and respect for the person. It does not feel like a word that should be used lightly, yet it often is. This song is no exception.

Beat-wise I find it to start out really well. It has nice space-like riff and baseline that gets me in a really good mood. That changes once the lyrics come in and it settles into a kind of mundane, basic chord progression and sound. It is not Yummy of Memories bad/bland, but it does kind of just fade away. Something the opening chords definitely do not do.

The first verse is actually fairly good as far as painting an imagine about this lady. A walk in a rainbow paradise and strawberry lipstick state of mind are both amazing lines to start a song out with. He then says that he got lost in her eyes, which is fine, but he did not mention her eyes earlier. Maybe getting lost in her world would be better. That’s just nitpicking. It is a decent enough setup.

In the pre-chorus the narrator says that his girl doesn’t have to say anything to him. Because, as the chorus says he would walk through fire just to be able to adore her “like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do.”

This is at once incredibly ridiculous, hokey, and sincere. So, just because it bugs me he says, “you don’t have to say nothing.” The correct grammar is “anything” but that’s only something that would bother me. The actual chorus itself feels generic. Walking through fire just to be able to adore someone (though you can do that without walking through fire, but that ignores the premise) is not original. However he sings these lines very well, making them feel if not original, like he meant earnestly means it.

Where this chorus breaks down for me is am the “like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do.” I get the point. He’s saying he will walk through fire and adore the person like adoring the girl is the only thing he’ll ever do. However it is hard to not to read it as that being the only thing he’ll ever do. It’s just off phrasing (something I totally empathize with).

The next verse is short. It’s summer and the girl has tanned. I’m assuming this is to indicate time passing. This ties into the pre-chorus where he reiterates she doesn’t have to say anything, but just that she’s been on his mind.

From this we get the chorus with a bridge and outro that reinforce how he would walk through fire just to adore her. In this there is a pretty good guitar riff with interesting reverb on it. From there the song fades well.

Substantial it is not, but does have this vibe that really resonates with me. The video is no help. It has Harry Styles rescue this fish that keeps growing bigger and bigger. He bonds with the fish and helps out the towns people. Then there is a news story about the fish’s school traveling so the town comes together to help the fish back into the ocean.

That makes the banner make more sense, kind of.

There is an even longer cut of the video, but that is the gist. Focusing on a fish is a strange choice. The chorus is all about walking through fire, something you pointedly cannot do for a fish. Also they play a vinyl record of the song in the video which makes me think that Harry is lip-syncing that song and that it’s not his song. It is a weird video that does not match.

The reason I think the song works for me is just how chilled out the beat is, and Harry’s got a fine enough voice as far as these songs go. It is not substantial in any way really, but is pleasing enough to listen too. I fear this is not a standout quality song that will set him apart from the rest of Separate Direction, but it is nice to have on and that isn’t a bad thing either.

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