Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 4

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Colt added his own claps. He was not clapping at the display of power, but of how well he had lied to his men so they too could hear the master’s voice and commands. Though Troforsect’s declarations of power were not wrong. For they must give everything to their master. They must never stop or give up. So the display he showed was his true inner power. Just power that was not sustainable.

 “Line up my men and get ready to be given the power to take this land in the name of our master!” Troforsect raised the knife. His men cheered then quickly formed a queue in front of their general.  Each soldier removed their glove then held their hand out. Troforsect gave a stern slice across the palm. A thick puddle of blood mud formed by Troforsect where the main cut and blood flow was. 

The soldiers began to line up on the edge of the treeline. They drew their weapons and raised their shields. Colt took a forward position. The sun came up over the top of the castle. The clouds broke and the blue sky began filling in the open pockets. A warm breeze kicked through. It drifted through the destroyed town. Small rainbows formed and beamed from the puddles along the muddy surface. The final soldiers took their position. Troforsect mounted his horse and took the most forward position. He did not need to say a word for he was not the person they were listening to. No, their master sat inside the castle. Their orders were clear and they would follow them until they had achieved their goal or died defending what they could.

Troforsect drew his sword once more. He pulled the blade backward. A small whirlwind kicked in and encircled the blade. He chopped it forward. The whirlwind blasted through the open air, slamming itself against the top of the castle. Shingles tumbled down to the ground.Trofrosect bucked high. His men cheered. They marched toward their master.

Inside the castle the roof shook.The remaining chandelier rattled its thick chain. Small pebbles fell from above and landed around the four tied up heroes. Olivier did not move from his throne. He kept his eyes on Hugh. Hugh did not break his gaze. 

Claudia looked up. More bits of rumble tumbled down. She closed her eyes, then moved head to her shoulder “I wonder what that was,” she said.

“My army,” Olivier said. He tapped his staff on the raised stone steps. “But that is not of importance.” He continued to look at Hugh. “Our doctor friend says he figured out my plan.”

“I did,” Hugh said. 

Evelyn tried to mumble something. The stone peel over her mouth stopped anything coherent.

“It finally clicked when Colt said that you were in fact the member who was in contact with our friends outside.”

“How did that help with anything?”

“It just illuminated the rest of the puzzle for me.” Hugh tried to adjust his frame only to be cut and restricted by his binds. “As a doctor we start from the base and work back from the start of our meeting. So, when you first arrived you were with Siguard. While traveling one of you stated that you ran into a group of Blues. That is a coincidence to be sure. Now, I cannot possibly know if that was when you first made contact, or if contact was made earlier and that was just a time for you to meet. Neither is important to this part of the events. You met with the Blues and gave your loyalty. Then, to hide it you traveled with one of the most royal knights in this kingdom. A clever ruse.”

Evelyn tried to push out a statement but failed.

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