Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 5 (Page-a-Day)

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Hugh seemed to understand. He nodded. “Your frail old man’s act was exceedingly helpful in this regard as well. We would never suspect a frail, forgetful old man to be someone who was planning on betraying us.”

“Yeah! And then saying you’d help with my magic!”

“We’re not there yet, but yes,” Hugh said. “You used that first meeting to give us our expectation of who you were. Maybe it was at that moment you decided that Raisor had to die. He was clearly the biggest threat in the room. However, the Blues attacked. That too could have been part of the plan. A genius part as well because it would tell you what our powers were before the confrontation. The general, Troforsect I believe is his name, came. You took him head on. That too would have endeared you to us while putting yourself in no actual danger. Quite a strong gambit if I might say. 

“You might have predicted that Claudia and Goblet would arrive and help. Maybe you did not. Either way it gave you friends an easy excuse to leave and regroup. Once we returned to our meeting location you continued to endear yourself to us by providing information. From there we raided the castle and so forth.”

Hugh continued in detail. Goblet shifted his gaze between the two men before hearing the clicking of nails on stone. He turned his head to the right. Hounder exited the shadows of the dining room. His blue eyes gave off a stone cold demeanor. He let out a low, ahunting snarl. Goblet mouthed the words, “no.” Hounder looked at him, then to Olivier. Goblet nodded. He nodded his head toward Olivier’s staff. Hounder took another step out of the dining room. His hackles were exposed, and his tail was up.Goblet tried to stop him. Through a series of mouth movements and facial twitches he conveyed to wait for his signal before going after the mage. 

“Is everything okay, Goblet?” Olivier asked. 

Goblet hopped in surprise. He turned to Olivier. “Ahh yeah. Just fine.” He looked back at the dining room. Hounder was no longer there. “Just regretting not going to the bathroom before being tied up and restrained.”

“I do understand the pains of a small bladder.” Olivier leaned off his throne. “You’ll survive though.” He looked back to Hugh. “You were saying…”

“Yes. I was saying that based on the information you gave us after Raisor was first discovered you and Colt met in the bathroom a number of times. I would even hazard to guess you knew Claudia would use those arrows of hers, thus helping your story.”

“He was even the one to say we should go over what we were doing!” Claudia said.

“Right. That was mighty arrogant of you. However I do not assume you were the one to kill Raisor. That was all Colt. Based on the body shape of the person. The ability to use a knife and vanish without a trace it was clear that he was the only person with the skills to kill Raisor.”

Claudia added, “It would also explain why Hugh was surprised to see him. We only ever saw Colt as kind of out of it and not clever. Thus him getting the drop on Raisor would be quite surprising indeed.”

“Interesting theory you have made so far.” Olivier made himself comfortable once again in his chair. “I am just confused on how he would have known about all of these secret passages to make his escape and reappear in his room with no previous knowledge.”

“There is an answer to that as well. Or at least a possible answer.”

“What is that?” Olivier rested his hands on the top of his staff.

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