Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 6 (Page-a-Day)

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“One possible option is that his job was to find and retrieve the dragon egg. Both myself and Evelyn were given additional assignments when we were sent here. His might have included a map of the castle with possible hidden entrances to the treasure vault. A second is that he was hired to kill Raisor for a similar reason and was given a map to help better maneuver through the castle undetected. They are both possibilities, but not the main concern right now.

“During your midnight meetings you two bonded over a shared goal and that Raisor was in the way. To that end you gave some magical assistance in the form of the fire arrows. The same type of fire arrow Claudia had so that in case we ever did discover them we would not assume it was either Colt but Claudia who was the killer.  On top of that, since the bathroom was one of the few rooms not being watched you could make your portals to teleport outside and meet with the Blues about your plan. 

“From there the infighting between us did a lot of the work for you. Making us aware that there was someone working with the foreign army also set us up against each other. From there I have to speculate if you were aware of the knife that takes possession of people or not. I assume you must have heard the king had it and wanted it. That’s because when Siguard was cut you sent him after Goblet and myself to make him seem like a possible suspect. I cannot imagine you thought he would have succeeded, but it would not have hurt to have him kill us and dispose of the only evidence of what you were after.

“How am I doing so far?”

Olivier narrowed his eyes. The length of his eyebrows fell to meet his eye lashes. He looked up toward the door.

Evelyn tried to respond but could only let out her stifled murmurs. 

“I would guess that us bringing Siguard back to the group was not something you considered happening. That, and you must not have been able to grab the knife on your first voyage to vault. That is why you said you needed the knife to reverse the spell. That was just a lie. Following that you tripped the vault security on purpose so in the confusion you could retrieve the knife and then seal yourself in the vault. You got lucky, or predicted that Goblet would drop the teleportation leaves allowing you to escape, set up a teleportation point for Colt to kill Siguard and escape without being spotted, then turn up yourself as if you fought by the skin of your teeth. You were probably going to try and put us under your control but we spoiled that plan.

“So, now that I’m done,” he paused for a second, “I think. How close was I to explaining your whole scheme?”

Olivier nodded his head. “You seemed to get most of it. Except why I did it.”

“Why?” Hugh was taken aback. 

“Yes, I did not do all of this for no reason. You alluded to that yourself by saying that there were extra instructions on the letters we received.” He scoffed. “That was the most fictional part of all.”

Hugh did his best to cock his head under the circumstances. It did not go well. His head and neck jammed against the stone peels. “That wasn’t- nevermind. I guess I do not know why you did it.”

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