Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 8 (a Review)

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For those of us who can, being stuck at home through this pandemic has driven us a little crazy. None more than those who used our drives to work to listen and sing along.

That is only relative because with mounting pressure from the CEO of Zoey’s company doing a drop bye, to terrible news about her fathers and baby shower invitations to hand out her powers have glitches causing her to have music videos everyone else can see leading to hijinks and embarrassment galore.

This is a mixup, shakeup even, I did not know it needed. Zoey has inherently been the vector for stories to take place through. She has had arcs, but they were always in relation to other characters. Giving her a whole story to herself where she forces confrontations to occur is really good for shaking up this usually thoughtful and cautious character.

This shakeup, or glitch, also makes the unfolding drama not feel melodramatic. Sure, it is a wacky way to go about it, but even out of that everyone is reasonable. Honestly too reasonable for someone who was just heart sang too. I mean if someone I worked with sang “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa” in (I actually don’t know the month the show is set it, but far from Christmas) I’d be put off.

Jane Levy’s mix of utter confusion, sadness, and earnestness really sells just how awkward it is for her. This makes her coming out of the song feel just as strange for her, and not like it is her usual.

The wide use of song, some I don’t know, or know the name, really mix up the episode and let’s Jane Levy show her range. Her first song, “Crazy,” is probably the best on both a production level and choreography. It’s quite a feat.

With Zoey singing her feelings to both love interests, their next project getting a year long time table, and her father getting worse the show has many places it could go then. Interested to see how it shakes up the formula next time.

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