Hot 100 Review: Intentions by Justin Bieber feat. Quevo

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Oh, Justin, Justin, Justin, I’m honestly surprised to have him return so soon after his disastrous Yummy (boy, never thought I would say that sentence before – I mean write, you get the point). It seemed like a total end of his music chart appearance until the end of the year, or next year, but he has to huddle that album. What better way than to conscript one of the hottest rappers right now to help.

Yeah, we’re just jumping in.

Intentions is an interesting choice to be the next song release. Yummy, for all its myriad issues, does feel like a statement of intent. That intent is trying to make sexy music that is not sexy. I would say Intentions is the same, but instead of gross it is oddly mature. Shocking, honestly. Especially with a vague title like Intentions. It could be anything.

Anything in this case means that Justin’s intentions is to make a girl feel perfect as she is, and that she is self reliant. If I wanted to be lazy I could just go through the first verse of the song cause it is not subtle about its theme. In fact I don’t even need to do that, I can just quote this: “Heart full of equity, you’re an asset.” That one line is the whole point of the song.

In fact, though that line is kind of lame, that equal lame but more adult than average goes into the next verse (which is called the first verse, and the start the chorus which is just weird structurally, but fine) where he starts out by giving a shoutout to the other person’s mom and dad. But, instead of going gross it’s instead an ovation for how well they raised the other person. That’s very clever.

The verse does fall apart in so far as it then talks about how the other person is his muse, and a triple threat, and has a mean touch (I think that’s called abuse Justin. It’s not called “love tap” if it hurts). None of that has anything to do with the thesis of a parental shout out, but still uplifting.

The chorus repeats again, and is still good. I just wan to narrow in on how Justin represents independence with “Stay in the kitchen cookin’ up, got your own bread.” One, very boring stereotype of one person staying in the kitchen, not real expressive or original. But, two, I assume “bread” in this context means money. As in they have their own money. But if they stay in the kitchen cooking for you, Justin, how are they making their money? If it’s literal than it is sexist (assuming he is talking about a woman), and does not support the rest of the chorus.

Hold on…. That line also doesn’t match the rhyme scheme!

Anyway, the second verse is about… well it’s actually hard to tell. They’re all just unique compliments like “Already pass, don’t need no approval (umm that’s a double negative, Justin, but only I would catch that),” or “Don’t need more sponsor, nope, you’re a brand now.” They are really original. He also says to get a ring like Toronto. I did not know Toronto just gave out rings (yes, I am aware that it is about the Raptors winning the national championship, but then he should make that more clear)!

In the third, and final verse, sandwiched between a repeated chorus, Quevo comes in and just continues on the theme about being in a good relationship. Talking about things like fifty-fifty, and to both listen, and that he wants to find a perfect ring. All very heart warming stuff. He also says “Got ’em sayin’ ‘goals,’ they don’t wanna be independent (‘Pendent).” This does not match the song at all, and actual paints this other person as selfish if they do not want to be a strong person, unless independent means alone. In which case he should say that. Just ignore that line I guess. It’s a fine verse either way.

The music video, focuses Bahri, Angela, and Marcy. They are three young women of color trying to improve their community and reach personal goals. Justin and Quevo come along help solve their problems through the Intentions Fund set up. It’s all very heartwarming and nice seeing them give back. Justin and Quevo bond with their family and dance to a song that clearly is not this one because they are moving more than the beat does. It’s a good enough video with a longer version to hear the story of the three women.

My only nitpicks are that Justin wearing a hoodie, beanie, and his terrible mustache makes him look creepy pedophile and Quevo tries to put fingers up to show 50 but does 05. I’m not sure how that one got passed any editors, but it did. Also the video has nothing to do with the song’s theme, but it’s helping people who have a cause so I won’t hold it against the song.

Despite making fun, or nitpicking this song, I don’t think it’s bad. It has a good message, a actually has verses that build on the songs theme, and a nice beat that gives off the image of being at home and just being with your partner. It honestly was just a nice surprise considering his last single.

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