Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 13 (Page-a-Day)

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“It was fine,” Evelyn admitted. “I think my team members enjoyed it more.” She flicked her thumb up to the second level. 

Olivier looked up. Claudia rested the bottom of her crossbow along the railing. She fired an arrow. It flamed through the air, thunked into the stonework, then exploded in a blinding flash. “Dammit!” Olivier said. He tried to snap his fingers. Nothing happened. He let out a frustrated yell. He then heard the quick, clopping noise of boots against the stone. Evelyn broke through the barrier of light, grabbed him by his throat, positioned a leg behind him, then quickly knocked him back against the throne’s headrest.

The flash cleared moments later. The soldiers, Colt included, turned to Goblet standing on the railing. He held his axe up high. “You think you can stand up to me!? We shall see!”

“Remember we are not killing any of them,” Hugh said. 

“Aye, aye.” Goblet lowered his axe to his side. He jumped from the railing, onto the pillar, off the pillar, rose his axe into the air, and ended by bringing it down in the center of the soldiers. The floor and columns shook. Chunks of stone flew from the shallow crater. The dust drifted back to the ground. Goblet tightened his grip on the handle. He yanked the axe head free from the stone. A stone block rested on the edge of the blade. 

The surrounding soldiers removed their swords. Troforsect widened his stance, placing one foot forward and one further back. He grabbed his sword. A storm of wind filtered into the room. It twisted around Troforsect’s hilt. 

Goblet smiled. He rested the handle along his shoulder. “Back down,” he said. The soldiers shifted their feet. Goblet nodded. “Thought not.” He swung his axe into his free hand. The brick slipped off the head. Its corner smashed against the base of the stone floor. Debris flew into the air. They remained suspended in the empty space for a moment. The debris twisted itself into a tight tornado. The tornado flew into Troforsect’s cyclone. 

Goblet dropped the tip of his axe downward. The sliced a strong arc upward. The stones and fillings blasted up into the air. Troforsect drew his sword. His cyclone ran down the scabbard. It enveloped the whole blade to the hilt. He slashed his sword sideways. Blades of wind and debris flew across the air. The blades collided with the chunks of stone rubble. They exploded into a brownish gray cloud. Goblet pivoted to the side. One of the soldiers wiped dust away from his face. Goblet lunged at him. He smashed into his armor. They tumbled to the ground. Troforsect dashes the smoke away in a single swing. He pulled his blade back. A whirlwind twisted to the point. He thrusted it forward. The whirlwind shot through the air, a high powered arrow right to Goblet’s chest. 

Claudia fired an arrow at the whirlwind from the descending stairwell. Her air bucked under the strong wind. It twisted around before snapping off the current. It launched itself into the stones. Claudia smiled. The arrow went up in a ball of flame. The whirlwind spiked upward. It smashed into the ceiling. The roof rocked. Chandelier hooks squeaked in unison to the shake.

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