Crawl (2019) Review

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It seems like every year we have this kind of movie. I guess you could say it’s the relatively simple plot of man vs monster. Crawl his essentially survival against what I had originally assumed was just one or two gators during a hurricane. The basic premise alone was enough to get me intrigued, but at times I found myself wondering how close this was going to come to B movie status like Sharknado. Good news is that it looks a lot better than Sharknado, and it also is actually quite good. I said that it seems like we get this kind of movie each year in some shape, in other recent years it has been more shark focused like The Shallows or 47 Meters Down. This one did have some positive buzz around it, so I was somewhat intrigued to see if it really was good or not.

The easiest way to explain this movie is that it really is borderline B movie just with much better effects, but really you get what you pay for. Don’t go in with expectations of this being any kind of grand movie or anything more than just being a dumb suspense movie. If you liked 47 Meters Down or The Shallows then you will probably enjoy this movie. Thus ends my review. Kidding, I’m going to go into more detail of course.

I actually quite enjoyed this movie for what it was trying to do. It wasn’t anything more than just a monster movie with gators as the main antagonist. I’m a sucker for these kind of movies just because I love monster movies and they’re an enjoyable turn your brain off kind of time. The premise is simple enough with having the hurricane be a backdrop to what’s going on and how the gators make for a great enemy, but I will admit that it is very convenient that there were so many gators around.

Some of the decisions made after the initial premise is set up don’t make a lot of sense, but that also didn’t surprise me because these movies are made to not necessarily be entirely logical. I know it’s supposed to be a suspense movie, but it actually came off as a bit of comedy for me only because I was actually enjoying the absurdity of what I was watching. Every time our main characters or even any of the side characters met a gator and were either injured or killed I found myself halfway cheering. It’s not that I want these people to die, but really it was just fun to see how ridiculous it was to see a gator practically leap up a flight of stairs to grab somebody and kill them.

One issue that it did have that I will harp on is that it had plenty of missed opportunities where they could have taken the movie even further than they did and I had an issue with the whole swimming aspect of our main character who I actually don’t remember her name. The biggest missed opportunity for me was towards the end. **SPOILER ALERT** When the final gator is swept away I was half expecting there to be a shark that actually got ahold of it and took it away. Instead it was hit by debris, but really am I the only one who would’ve loved to have seen a shark eat the gator in the last moments? It would have been icing on the cake of absurdity.

Really there’s not a whole lot to talk about this movie outside of what it just is. It’s an absurd movie with some decent performances and some pretty cool visuals. I like that they decided to use gators instead of your typical shark and it made for an interesting story especially with the hurricane setting up a lot of the obstacles for them. While it is a little ridiculous, I was able to look past some of that and just enjoy it for what it was. There was one thing I did find myself going back to when thinking about this movie. The movie Hurricane Heist was released a few years ago and I never watched it but I know about it. For some reason I want to see a sequel of some kind between this movie and that one where there’s a heist and gators that are the enemy.

That was completely off topic of the actual review, but why not just take the craziness to a different level and do that. I guess if you are a fan of these kind of movies and just aren’t going to expect too much out of it then I would definitely give it a shot. It’s not a very long movie either so you won’t be losing too much of your day. Hell just give it a watch for the fun of it, maybe have a drink or watch it with your family. Just don’t take it too seriously.

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