Tainted Victory – Chapter 11, Part 14 (Page-a-Day)

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Colt was silent for a moment. He looked down at his master. His perfect master, then up to the ruined throne. He tossed his bow aside. It clattered to the floor. “Fine.” He drew his short sword. “I will best you in hand to hand combat.”

Evelyn slapped her fists on the ground. She had to keep from letting out an excited yay. She rose, walked around the far side of the throne and positioned herself on the opposite side of Colt and Olivier. She shook her arms. She kept her eyes on Colt and his sword. Sun from the window shown on it, casting a silver light. 

Colt pointed the tip of his sword up to Evelyn. “No weapon?”

Evelyn turned out to the rest of the room. Goblet and Troforsect  traded chops and blows of their weapons. Claudia continued to hold the rest of the soldiers off on the stairwell with her concussive arrows. And behind them all was Hugh. He turned his attention from the forces charging the stairs to look at her. He nodded. She returned the nod. “No. I do not.”

“It is going to be the third death at my hands then.” Colt came in strong with a stab.

Evelyn ducked under the blade. She pivoted. Her free foot knocked against Olivier’s side. She leaned inward to the side, then elbowed Colt in the crotch. He collapsed to her level. She smirked, palmed him in the nose. She felt it snap and blood run from it. She bent over, found the heavy dagger hidden away in the robe and removed it. It was gold with A solid sheath and black accents. Colt managed to get to his feet. His eyes bugged at the sight of her holding the knife. He slashed down. She held the dagger to intercept. The short sword shattered. It’s blade spun in the air a couple times only to stab the stone next to them. She looked at Goblet, then called his name. 

Goblet blocked a stiff swing with the length of his axe. He swung the butt around. Its silver base hit Troforsect against the temple. He looked to the call of his name. Evelyn threw the sheathed knife. It spun through the air. Goblet reached out for it. He felt a strong breeze blow in behind him. The knife shivered in the air. Its path swung away from Goblet’s finger. He watched as the knife glided through the air and aim right to Troforrsect’s open palm. Goblet pulled his axe back. He hurled it at Troforsect. The axe flew quickly. Goblet watched Troforsect weighing his options. The knife was close, but axe would cause more damage. Troforsect relented. He turned his sword away. The wind surrounding the knife traveled to the axe. The wind whipped around the axe. It stopped mid-air only to then fly into the ground. Goblet ran across the stone. The knife sat idly by Troforsect’s feet. Troforsect Lunged forward. Goblet knocked the sword away, then bashed his shoulder into Troforsect’s chest. Troforsect took a couple steps back. Goblet scooped up the knife. Troforsect gave a final swing of his sword. Goblet raised the knife. A burst of energy fled from the space between the objects. They both flew backward. Goblet came out of the blast into a roll, and moved onto his feet. He looked to the final destination. 

The soldiers kept flooding the stairwell no matter what Claudia seemed to do. She loaded the final arrow, but her finger tremble every time she went to shoot.

“We need to do something.”

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