Tainted Victory – Chapter 12, Part 2 (Page-a-Day)

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Olivier contorted his mouth to try and form words. “I… I could teach you so much more… I could teach you just so much. Do not let this one foible mean I am a bad person.” He reached his hands out. Evelyn ripped him back in place.

Claudia pointed the arrow to Olivier. “You planned to murder Raisor, take a dragon egg, control people’s minds, overthrow a kingdom, and kill us!” She walked forward. Her boots tapped hard on the floor. Smatterings of the ooze splashed onto her leg. “I might should kill you now!”

Olivier looked around but received no sympathy.

Claudia slipped the arrow back into its spot in her quiver. “I will not.” She let Olivier give a sigh of relief before she pulled that rug out from under him. “Because I will leave your fate up to them!” She nodded to the side. 

Trofrsect rose to his feet. His radiant blue armor was now no better than river water. He rubbed the temples of his head. “What in the Hell is going on?!”

“What is Hell?” Goblet asked. 

“Just something they believe in. Not important now,” Hugh said from the ground “Can you help me up, friend?”

Evelyn shook the mage about. “This, in the Hell is going on.”

The party recounted their story for the general as his men slowly awoke from the spell they were placed on by Olivier. Throughout the retelling Troforsect attempted to pierce Oliver with his stare alone. Once the party finished up Troforsect helped the last of his men get to his feet. “I knew never to trust a Purple, but I had no clue you were such a snake!” He tore Olivier away from Evelyn. She let him go easily and backed away. “You will pay tenfold for every one of these men you planned to sacrifice for your own cause!” He picked the old mage up to his eye level. “Once we cross the border you will be tied to the top of our stagecoach and forced to endure all heat and death from the valleys we pass through!”

There was a loud grunt and moan from the throne. The whole group looked over to see Colt rising to his feet. He held his nose with one hand and kept the free one in the air. “Thank goodness you released me from that monster’s control! He made me kill Raisor, dear old friend Raisor.” He leisurely walked off the raised platform. “I am just going to retrieve my things and make my way out of here.”

Evelyn took a step to pursue him. Goblet held her back and shook his head. 

Colt walked to the closest flight of steps. “I will just be on my way. Please do not mind me at all.” He looked up. Hounded stood at the top of the steps. His teeth were out, ears erect, and nails ready to go. Colt whistled. Hounded took his first, measured steps down the stairs. He whistled again. “Hounder, boy, quit!” Hounder kept taking his slow time down the stairs. “I said no! Leave it! Hey, leave it!” Hounder snapped his jaw. Colt retreated a step or two. “After all I did for you. Leave it! No!”

“Just tell us the truth,” Hugh said.

“What truth?” Colt took another retreating step off the stairwell. “That Olivier used that magic knife whatever to take me over? I mean that happens in the wild all the time. Right, Hounder, buddy?” 

Hounder snapped again. His usual blue eyes were marbles of black. 

“No, the actual truth,” Hugh said. 

“I do not know what you mean? There are many insects, and some animals that are parasitic. He was a parasite. I did not want to do any of that!” Hounder leapt a down a couple steps. His breath sent hot air into Colt’s face.

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