Tainted Victory – Chapter 12, Part 3 (Page-a-Day)

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“We found the letter you received from the king’s advisor you hired you,” Hugh said. “It was with your bag. We took the time to look while Evelyn was getting close to the king. We know that the advisor hired you to steal the egg from the king to give to him. In return he would let you run a full arm of the new government all focused on animal hunting and capture.”

“That is not true… I wouldn’t.”

“You are an idiot, not a fool,” Evelyn clarified. 

“Correct,” said Hugh, “You knew that Raisor would be your only competition, and when you saw him leave that first night you knew what he was doing. So you used the map given to you to stalk him. You then killed him and returned using the same paths.”

“But… I… But, but.”

Hounder was ready to pounce.

“Then you got coopted by Olivier and his plans,” Hugh said. “We figured it all out. Just admit it and your own dog will not tear you to shreds.”

“Fine!” Colt cried. “It is true! I actually had a chance to kill him the night before the assault on the castle, but that seemed wrong so I waited for the right moment to get him. Okay? Happy? What are you going to do about it?”

Goblet let out a harsh whistle. Hounder leapt onto his old master. The two tumbled down the few remaining steps. Hounder came out on top. He dug his nails into Colt’s shirt. He leaned down close. His breath brushed away Colt’s stray hairs. His base filled growls shook Colt’s chest. 

“I give up! I give up!”

Hugh nodded. “Do you guys want him as well?” Hugh asked Troforsect.

“We have our hands full with this one.” He shook Olivier side to side. “He would cause too much of a distraction for our escape. Thank you though.” He tossed Olivier over to his men. “Get him out of here. Tie him up. I do not want to see his face until we are back over the border. His soldiers nodded. The platoon marched out of the castle. “So, now what are you guys going to do?”

The party remained silent for a moment. 

Evelyn spoke first. “I have enough stuff to pack up as is. So I am going to be doing that.” She looked around the floor a second, then back to the group. “When I turned myself over you took my knives. Where would those be?”

“I would assume my men would take them as far away from you as possible. So, the kitchen probably,” Troforsect said. 

“Thanks.” Evelyn walked away. 

The group watched her leave. Troforsect continued, “You are just going to let us go?”

“No one knew you were here except us and him,” Hugh gestured to the pinned Colt. “And I think exposing that the king has a descenter in his court would be far more pressing than a group of enemy soldiers already back on their side of the border.”

“Plus we beat you guys already,” Claudia added. “You know who would have won, in the end.”

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