47 Meters Down (2017) Review

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Entirely forgettable and a twist that is too much. I recently watched the 2019 movie Crawl as of this writing and got on a bit of a kick of wanting to see monster movies like Jaws, Godzilla, and yes even this movie, 47 Meters Down. My favorite movie of all time is Jaws and my favorite animal is a shark. Ironically enough I’m terrified of going too far in the ocean because of sharks even though I know that the odds of being attacked are so slim. Nothing has ever lived up to my love of Jaws, the closest being The Meg, so I wasn’t too hopeful of this movie being great, but I figured I would give it a shot. I remember actually seeing this movie in theatres but I don’t actually remember the movie so I figured I would give it a rewatch to see what I thought this time around.

This movie is bare bones simple from the moment you realize where the story is going. It’s pretty obvious if you saw the trailers or even saw the poster that our two main characters were going to be trapped in a cage underwater surrounded by sharks. That’s about as deep as the movie gets until you get to the twist at the end of the movie that is better than the movie has any right being.

The whole beginning of the movie introduces us to our two main characters with one of them having marriage issues. By marriage issues I mean that her husband is leaving her, but she is in denial but decided to go on this trip anyways and is still texting him even though she’s off kissing another guy and he is very clearly done with her. The point of explaining this is that I really don’t understand what the deal with her and her ex-husband is and I really don’t care. It was so pointless to have it involved in the movie I feel like and just couldn’t wrap my head around why it was in there other than to force some kind of depth to her since the movie really doesn’t have any depth.

Look, I came into this movie just wanting to see these two women face off against sharks while they’re trapped in a cage. I don’t care at all what her home life is like and if her husband wants to be with her or any of that. I don’t care. I just want to see them in the water.

The movie does eventually get there and of course it’s all set up to be situation where realistically anyone in their right mind wouldn’t have gotten on that boat. There was nothing about the boat or the guys they met that night that said to me that it was a good idea to get on that boat in a cage near sharks. Looking past that though we finally get them in the cage and of course the whole pully system breaks and they fall all the way down to the ocean floor.

The movie is called 47 Meters Down, but unless I’m mistaken, they go much further down than 47 Meters so I’m not sure if I saw that wrong or what the point of that was. It was pretty cool though to see them fall so quick into the darkness. It was actually pretty suspenseful and scary to see it plummet into the darkness. It felt somewhat realistic and made me definitely not want to ever get in a cage in the ocean near sharks.

The rest of the movie is them trying to get in contact with the ship above and be rescued and we get to see the terror of the sharks as they pose many problems for them. Everything with the sharks was awesome for me and seeing them struggle was entertaining enough with suspense, but it got to a point where I finally was tired of seeing them struggle and just wanted them to get eaten. Thankfully though with the loss of her leg they finally make it to the boat safely.

Kidding. Spoiler Alert. She was hallucinating the whole time while being underwater and her friend is actually dead, but the coast guard manages to rescue her. This is a twist that is way better than this movie has any right being and I was surprised, but I also was laughing to myself about how ridiculous it was. I just thought it was so funny that everything was going to be alright, but not really because her friend didn’t survive.

I keep saying “she” and “her” because I can’t remember her name at all but our main character with the husband issues. That is a problem with the movie though, there’s nothing in this movie that is memorable at all other than the big stuff and the weird husband issues. It was entertaining enough to keep my busy for a few hours, but it was ultimately a let down compared to Crawl. Both movies have their issues, but I feel like this movie has a lot more problems by not distinguishing itself from being a generic shark movie.

I can’t recommend this movie for anyone unless you’re just in general curious about it, or if you like these kind of movies. There is a sequel that I will be checking out simply for the fact that I watched the first one, so maybe there’s a little more hope for it. Maybe they learned from their mistakes in the first movie. Probably not, but who knows. It’s not a great movie, it’s pretty dumb, but there are a handful of moments that might make it worth it for some of you.

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