47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) Review

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Uncaged. Unrelenting. And unbelievably better than the first. I continue my kick of these monster movies with the sequel to 47 meters down. I somehow managed to miss any trailers for this movie and really I didn’t even know this movie existed until recently. I was curious about how could it would be and for a moment I was expecting it to be a simple rehash of the original movie. You could say that my expectations were extremely low going into this movie, and sometimes that can be good, other times it can be bad.

I actually started clocking this movie early on just to see at what point everything really starts to happen. I will say that our group of characters is far more interesting than the two we had in the first movie. Now I will say that the depth of the characters and the actual acting really wasn’t all that good, but at this point it was easier to watch and somewhat care about these characters unlike the last movie.

Going into this movie and really all of these movies, I have no interest in seeing the characters interact and develop because I just want to see them face off against the sharks. After the first ten minutes or so is when I started to keep an eye on the time. At twenty minutes almost exactly they finally decide to scuba dive in the tunnels. And it’s not till right about the thirty minute mark that the first shark actually shows up.

Two things from this strike me, one is that the tunnels and sort of mazes they had to go through were a great backdrop to this story. Far more interesting than the cage that we had in the first movie. I guess that’s why it’s called “Uncaged”. The other thing is that it took a whole third of this movie just to get to the part that I tuned in to actually see. I understand that it could be because of budget or that they didn’t want to show us the sharks too quick, but I really just wanted to skip to the sharks.

Luckily for them, the underwater setting in the ruins and tunnels along with it being more than just two characters kept me entertained until we finally got them. Also I want to make a note of something I don’t quite understand so if someone knows the answer to this then please let me know. I get that they can talk to each other with the masks, but if their ears are completely exposed to the water then how can they hear each other? I know that’s really getting down to the science and maybe I don’t understand it, but it kept sticking out to me throughout the movie.

We finally get the sharks and of course they are low budget CGI sharks so they look a little goofy sometimes, but I will admit that they were creepy enough and the jump scares were actually pretty good. A lot of the time when I was expecting there to be a jump scare moment, it didn’t happen until a little later when I started to let my guard down. I was somewhat impressed with how they handled the suspense. The horror on the other hand was not as great, it worked mostly because of the suspense, but I never felt like the attacks felt real enough.

It was always suspenseful right up to somebody being dragged away by the sharks and at that point is actually when I began to relax because it looked a little hokey with the CGI. I’m not going to fault it too much though because it is a budget thing, but it does make me wonder how much better it would look with more money invested, but then I remember The Meg and now I don’t really need another movie to do it.

With the cool setting and the sharks set in place and our goal ready for our characters, this movie could’ve gone one of two ways. It could have gone very suspenseful, but emotional and dramatic in the vein of Jaws (obviously not anywhere close to as good) or it could go the ridiculous way like Crawl or some B movies. After seeing the first 47 Meters Down, I expected it to go the ridiculous way of course, but to my surprise I was wrong.

Not only did this movie not go the ridiculous way like the first film and not only did it not go dramatic, it went totally balls to the wall crazy borderline B movie level ridiculous fun. Okay, so it was technically ridiculous but on a different level than the first one. This movie did everything right for me to be the kind of ridiculous yet entertaining monster movie I could have wanted it to be. I will admit that ultimately this movie is incredibly dumb and not any kind of masterpiece, but it sure as hell was entertaining.

Just when you think the story is going to go a certain way, it takes you in another direction. A lot of it was actually predictable, but in the way that you still get surprised when it happens or that you predicted it but didn’t actually think they would do it. That’s how I felt in the last few minutes of the movie when they finally make it to the ocean. SPOILER ALERT. With the not undead looking Great Whites now a threat and how it was very comical how they fended them off to get to safety, I was actually open for anything to happen and was expecting two things in those last few moments.

I was either expecting a twist like the first movie where our main character wakes up and realizes that she was hallucinating most of the story which would’ve been hilarious but wouldn’t have surprised me. Or I was expecting the movie to really say screw and go the full way of either having a Great White jump on the boat and eat the bully girl or have our main character kick her in the water to get eaten. Unfortunately neither of those happened, but maybe it would be a step too far.

This review actually ended up being a tad longer than I expected and I found myself really getting into reviewing it. I will say that this movie is far better than it has any right being as a whole and is better than the first film. Neither of these movies are great, but if I had to recommend one it would be this one. If these are your kind of movies then I would just skip the first and give this one a try. It seems a little slow at first, but as the story starts to play out and I realize that they just went for it, I sat back and took it all in for what it was and had an enjoyable time.

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