Tainted Victory is over, Now What? (The Future of Tainted Victory and Page-a-Day)

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So Tainted Victory has ended. 60,000 words later (and here I thought I would barely reach 50,000).

It felt really satisfying to close this novel. It is not the first book I have finished, but it is the one who’s gotten the most eyes (and likes). I greatly value anyone who came by to read a page, chapter, or the whole damn thing.

Something I would love from anyone who has read the story is to send in their notes. I enjoy the likes and praise, but am also aware nothing is perfect on a first pass (or when it’s professionally published).

You can leave comments on this or any of the posts, as well as email us: towercitymedia@gmail.com OR on Twitter @towercitymedia.

Myself, and co-king Shane, would like to compile any and all notes for a show to talk about the novel. I do not make many calls to actions but I do ask on hands and knees (you have to trust I’m doing it because I am, I swear) to provide any notes you have!

If you’re interested in reading the whole story in one go here is a link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uk0m8UAguYH0yduc6EmXSOhOirt5GpvHUSjpQRcbAt4

So, the real question is: what’s next? The immediate answer is to congratulate myself for posting every day for the full 100+ days. After that, well…

As I said above, this is not the first novel I completed. I have some stories I do not mind putting out for your public consumption if their is demand for it.

In addition, I have 26 issues outlined for my own comic series. I could turn those into full scripts. They would not be page a day due to how comic scripts are laid out. So the moniker and format would have to change if I went ahead with that.

Outside of older stories, I am working on the rough outlines for two new stories. One is a mech school drama (Gundam meets Top Gun and Harry Potter), the second is a creature hunt story (Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer if they were a washed out millennial). They are both in the very early stages of development and not ready to begin the fun for some time (which may come sooner than any of us think, thanks Corona! – I’ll let you decide if that’s sarcastic or not).

The aim of all this is to try and get professionally published. I know it is a long shot (though, as Brandon Sanderson said, the gap between people who start a manuscript and finishing it is much larger than finishing a manuscript and publication). I figure having four completed and edited stories of quality can give me a boost (also, I’ve read so newer novels in what I predict to be my demographics. I think I am at least as good as those). We shall see. If that never happens I am glad to have the strong support I achieved here and gladly welcome more and more as we grow.

So, thank you for everything you have done. You are awesome and I hope you enjoy whatever fiction I do in future (Ohh, I could totally name all of you as beta readers and give thanks if I get to the publishing stage, professional or otherwise… – sorry, got sidetracked). Thank you all again, and I’ll make sure to put in an effort to return the kindness you’ve shared with me (writers group maybe? – sorry, distracted again).

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