The Meg (2018) Review

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The most fun and best shark movie since Jaws. The Meg is a shark movie that falls more in line with your Jurassic World kind of feel and audience. It’s a movie that was never trying to take itself seriously like Jaws, but rather just make a fun shark movie that appeals to everyone. When I first heard the casting of Jason Statham as the lead, I wasn’t too sure about how the movie would be and didn’t think it would work. I had assumed that the movie would be more of a serious take, but I also never read the book so I had no idea what kind of tone this movie would be. It wasn’t until the first trailer came out that I was totally on board with the direction they were taking and how it seemed they were executing it.

When I first watched this movie I instantly loved it for what it was, but I also haven’t seen it in some time so with my recent watch of all of these shark or monster related movies, I thought what better time than now to watch it again to compare to the others. What I was looking for with this movie was more than just whether or not I liked it as much as the first time rather to see if it really was the best shark movie since Jaws or if it’s more comparable to a movie like Jurassic World.

Jaws started the summer movie blockbuster that we all have come to know in love with all different kinds of genres, but the summer movie blockbuster has evolved in the years since. Now it seems that Jaws is more of an awards darling that would be more likely to come out around the awards season like November or December. It makes it a hard comparison to Jaws, but also makes me think that most of these shark movies aren’t comparable, but thinking on it more, The Meg may be the least comparable because of their approach.

They never intended on this movie to be anything more the a giant popcorn flick and because of that approach they allowed themselves less of a serious comparison to the likes of Jaws. Because of that I now firmly believe that this is the best shark movie since Jaws and is one of the better summer blockbuster hits of recent years. It gives you everything you could ask for in a summer movie blockbuster, but not like your typical marvel movie. Again, I look back at the first Jurassic World movie.

Both of these movies feel so similar in what they were trying to do and what they accomplished that again you have to look at it in a different light. In that circumstance I very much see this as a great fun movie. I don’t think it’s an Oscar worthy movie, but it’s a movie that is very solid for what it is and is instantly enjoyable for any and all audiences.

With some of the other movies like 47 Meters Down, or Crawl, I had complaints about how long it took to actually get to the shark and that I didn’t care about any of the characters leading up to us meeting the shark. Crawl didn’t waste much time showing the gator, but both 47 Meters Down movies took their time with dull characters that left me bored through the first part of the movie. The Meg however, due to its larger budget, better story, and better actors doesn’t have to worry as much about taking its time getting to the shark.

I really like Jason Statham in this movie because it feels like he’s genuinely having a great time in the role. The rest of the cast doesn’t stick out much, but the international cast that they put together certainly helps when appealing to other countries, but it was also a success because it never once was a problem in the movie. It shows that you can cast Asian actors and generally other actors from other countries and still have success, so I was pleasantly surprised with how good everyone in the movie was.

When we finally get to the shark though there was a lot to live up to with the setup. The other movies all seemed flatten out once they show the shark for the first time. Most of those struggled with their low budgets, this one however thankfully had a large budget and went all out as soon as we got our first glimpse of the shark.

Everything up to this point was getting me excited because not only were we getting a shark movie, but we were getting a damn megalodon which visually was going to be amazing in my head. This movie lives up to that and then some, they let it all hang out, especially the bait and switch when they kill the first shark, but then you realize it was too soon in the movie only to find out that the real villain is another Meg that looks to be about twice the size.

This movie in many points is incredibly ridiculous and unrealistic, but because they never once tried to take this movie seriously, they set themselves up for success with their over the top approach. I think the best and worst moments in the movie are all of the instances where Statham is facing off against the Meg whether it be out swimming it or ultimately killing it by stabbing it through the eye. All of it is so over the top and unrealistic, but so enjoyable at the same time.

This movie is easily my first go to movie to recommend to anyone looking for a fun shark movie that isn’t expecting too much out of it. I would also recommend it to any fan of the Jurassic World/Park movies. This movie is one of the best summer movie blockbusters in recent years that isn’t a franchise film. It’s a movie that doesn’t make you think too much and only asks you to sit back and enjoy. If that’s your kind of movie then you’re going to love this. I also still feel that it is the best shark movie since Jaws, but still lightyears away from the quality of Jaws.

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