Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 10 (a Review)

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When the show missed a couple weeks I thought it’s release and production was halted like so many were due to the pandemic sweeping… well everywhere (that is what a pandemic means). Instead it was just on a break.

Coming back days later, Zoey is juggling how she will help Simon with his breakup with his fiancée last episode, her other love interest, Max, moving to the 6th floor, being instructed what to do by Mo, oh and her father is still dying. All while her parents anniversary looms. Totally normal day.

I never mention directors because they usually do not hold much sway on TV production unless they also direct. However this episode was directed by Tristram Sharpero of Community and Malcolm in the Middle fame. Normally that means a real sense of comedy and movement. It certainly has movement. Instead it uses his other skill, honest emotion.

All the pressure on Zoey builds till she snaps. This show did not do a whole lot of over the top melodrama. So it trying foray into that sense needed a steady hand, and strong direction. The arguments do feel real, and make the characters feel the right kind of unreasonable. Unreasonable enough to say it, but also apologize later. It works well.

What also works insanely well are the musical numbers. Starting with a “Here I Go Again” that somehow manages to transition singers halfway through, or the first ever dance off to a song I do not know, or the shows first reprise. They all really work. Zoey’s parents singing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, less so. Mostly because that doesn’t seem like a song in their catalog of music they’d sing.

The fallout of all the decisions made leads Max and new boss, Ava, to start a bake off of sorts with Zoey’s group in order to get the first working prototype of the hot new tech. On top of that Zoey’s boss Joan broke her underlings heart causing him too, to jump ship. That, along with Mitch’s worsening physical state makes the show feel like it’s all building to something. Can’t wait to see what that is.

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