Teen Wolf (1985) Review

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A little dated and formulaic, but surprisingly enjoyable and funny. Teen Wolf is a movie that I have heard of before, but more recognize the spinoff TV series on MTV. I haven’t yet watched the series, and up until writing this I hadn’t watched the movie, but I finally wanted to give it a shot before starting the series. I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting with this movie because I really knew nothing about it. I thought maybe it would be some kind of Wolf vs Wolf kind of movie or an action or suspense movie, but ultimately I went in with a completely blank slate in my mind of what to expect. The only thing I knew and was excited about was that Michael J. Fox was going to be playing the lead character.

Michael J. Fox is the heart of this movie from start to finish and without him, I don’t think it would have been as good as it was. I say that though as if this movie is actually really good which it’s not. It’s not a bad movie but it’s not a great movie either. It just sits right in the middle at I would say a solid 50%. It’s very formulaic and dated with familiar tropes that are too expected and nowadays would come off as lazy writing.

It has a simple premise of Scott who plays for his school basketball team and they all suck, but don’t worry because he’s going through puberty. He slowly starts having symptoms of turning into a werewolf which finally fully happens, but don’t worry because his dad can to. It’s in their blood. He also is picked on at school. During a basketball game he turns into the wolf and becomes an all-star baller and dunks on everyone. Now he’s super popular and he takes advantage of his wolf version of himself only to figure out in the end that it’s not all cracked up to be as great as it seems so in the end the basketball team wins the championship without him turning into a wolf.

Yes, I did just spoil the whole movie and I’m not going to care if I get hate for that because it’s an old movie, but the gist is that this movie is pretty basic and by the numbers. Even so much as him falling for the popular girl and trying to get with her only to realize he was wrong the whole time and should go for the best friend girl who likes him for who he really is. It’s all eye rolling writing that seems silly and very overdone by today’s standards, but if you look past that and take it for what it is then you might actually have a good time with it.

I will be the first to say that this movie is not a good movie and will not be liked by most people that watch it, but I for one actually found myself to really enjoy it. I enjoyed all of the predictability and all of the cheesy tropes of a typical 80’s coming of age movie. The most interesting part about doing this review is that this isn’t even the movie I was expecting it to be. I wanted a much more serious and more action filled movie and I got none of that.

Instead I got a movie that doesn’t seem to take itself seriously and appears to only be a fun time for all of the actors involved. Nobody really stood out as far as acting goes except for Michael J. Fox, but you could tell that everyone was just having a good time. The writing and directing certainly leave more to be desired and the costume is absolutely just a glue on looking costume, but the feel of fun in the 80’s with him becoming a werewolf and using that to his advantage to become more popular is just enough to have me hooked and on board.

I actually question myself as to whether or not it’s just the concept of the movie that I enjoy more so than the actual movie. I can’t quite place what it is, but finishing the movie and writing this review I just found myself really enjoying the ridiculousness of it. I would have very much enjoyed seeing a series following this film in the 80’s with the same cast, but we never got that. I also haven’t seen the MTV show so I don’t have a comparison yet, but I think I would like to see a Teen Wolf series actually set in the 80’s like this movie.

As I said earlier, I won’t be one to try and defend this movie because I may be insane to actually like it as much as I do, but I will say that it’s definitely a movie I would love others to watch so I can discuss it. I can’t recommend it outside of me just wanting other people to see it to see if I’m just the only crazy one or not. I can’t help it, but something about this movie hits all of the right spots for me and I’m sure is an automatic guilty pleasure that many people will question me for liking. No matter what though, I will stand by this movie and continue to like it as much as I do. Or maybe if I watch it again I might hate it….Who knows!

If you have seen this movie please comment below and let me know what you think and whether or not I’m just crazy. You can also email us at TowerCityMedia@gmail.com and be sure to follow us @TowerCityMedia

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