Countdown (2019) Review

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An incredibly disappointing movie with a decent premise. Countdown is one of those horror movies that from the trailers seemed only to be your typical kind of throwaway teen focused blah horror movie. The kind of movie that you target only those teens that go to the movies every weekend and go see a movie regardless really of what it actually is. Which apparently it didn’t even do that job well since I’m pretty sure it didn’t even make that much at the box office. Anyways, this movie was one that I blew off and dismissed when I saw a trailer for it, and completely forgot about until I finally decided to watch it. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t one of those surprising movies that was better than I thought.

The premise of Countdown is pretty simple and likely came up in conversation between a group of people that were all drunk one night. An app that tells you how long you have left to live and then when the countdown hits 0 you die. The only real stipulation being that if you try to slip out of certain plans that would have led to you dying than apparently some kind of ancient demon will seek you out and kill you anyways.

Well the first part is pretty cool and I would say the second part would be pretty cool too except that you actually see the demon rather than feeling it as a presence. You may be asking me what I mean and I’ll give you two movies that I think this movie tries to be but fails at both. The first is the Final Destination franchise and the second is the Conjuring franchise. This movie feels like it takes notes from each of these series, but just can’t live up to fully committing to either one.

It had a lot of potential of actually becoming a new Final Destination like movie where we could have seen a group of people who were all somewhat close to dying around the same time and they all try to cheat death. In which case we could have actually seen them either win by cheating death or die in ways that we didn’t expect or even they didn’t expect. Unfortunately this movie never gets to that level of coolness or fun. Instead it decides to focus on just three characters and also be incredibly boring until someone actually dies. Thankfully the handful of deaths we did see were kind of ok I guess.

Later in this movie when our main characters go and see a priest about the demon that they learned about being responsible for the whole ordeal or however its explained is when the whole movie loses itself. I really can’t even explain how they explained the demon thing, but I just went with it since I was ready to just turn the movie off. This is when it turns into a bit of a conjuring movie I guess with spirits or demons throwing people or just trying to scare our victims. I’m really not even sure what’s going on in the last half of this movie.

This may actually end up being my shortest review that I’ve done which is unfortunate because I don’t like writing short reviews, but there’s just nothing much to say about this movie. The acting was passable at best, but character motivations and acting in general was just plain and boring. There was a moment where I thought our main character and the other guy that was with her seemed to be getting close and that was interesting until I remembered that this is supposed to be a horror movie.

I would say the worst part about this movie isn’t the subpar acting or directing or any of the technical aspects, but rather it’s that the movie just won’t commit itself to something and it barely scratches the surface of the potential it had. As I first started watching it, I was surprised by the first kill and it immediately got me intrigued. The second kill also had me on board and intrigued, but when I realized that the movie wasn’t going to explore the possibilities of having a similar connection to the Final Destination movies is when it flattened out and became the most forgettable movie of last year. It’s a bad horror movie of a time that I thought we were growing out of. I wish that premises like this were actually executed on or just left in the no shoot pile so that I don’t have to attempt to come up with a compelling review.

I don’t enjoy not liking a movie or writing a bad review for one because I know a lot of people put in a lot of hard work. It’s too bad, but this movie just sucks and I can’t recommend it to anyone to watch. If anyone asks you if you want to watch it then I would suggest telling them to go check and make sure they aren’t sick or running a fever. IT’s not worth the time spent to watch it and there are plenty of other movies that would be more worth your time.

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