Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 11 (a Review)

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Everything is building. Zoey’s on the rocks with her friends. Work drama has turned Max against his old team, and Zoey’s father Mitch has progressed deeper into his disease. It is a dark time to be sure.

To match the dark time, this episode is off too. Despite being tonally consistent with s everything that came before there is just something off with it. Maybe digging in will help illustrate the point.

Zoey, her mom, and brother must work to pick out a plot for Mitch. The bake off continues with Lief, scorned with his breakup from Joan working with Floor 6, and Mo decides to break up with his boyfriend over working an 8 month long cruise as a dancer.

For one, a lot is going on. The cemetery plot (ha, pun), Zoey and Max’s tension, the bake off, and Mo’s whole thing. The problem is that so with so much going on none of it feels finished enough. The only one the sort of works is planning Mitch’s funeral. Zoey meets someone who had to go through what her mother currently is, has them talk it out and solves the problem. Easy enough. But everything else feels rushed. Lief, not wanting to totally leave his old team, is leaking code that ends the bake off and gets both teams to work together in a show of unity. Fine, but was never an idea before this, and the plot was literally just introduced so it feels like a waste of that idea. Similarly, Mo and his relationship trouble is just dropped on in the episode. It could be set up for later, but it’s in this episode and doesn’t add anything. Zoey and Max kind of make up, but that’s postponed by the ending which is interesting.

On top of that the only good song is Max doing a cover of “bye bye bye” by *NSYNC. All the others are way off key, or just bland. The actor playing Mo can sing, but that plot makes no sense so I don’t care.

I do not know how long this season will go on for, but this is the first time I’m reticent for see where it goes.

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