Zoey’s Extraordinary Hype Episode 12 (a Review)

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Last episode fell flat. I think it felt like that was illustrated when I watched Upload recently (read the review here). That show felt like a show plotted for streaming, as does this show. The constant plot lines and cuts. The setting up hard for future episodes all feels geared toward a show made for streaming. However, even with that this episodes does not falter or fall in the same way.

Zoey wakes up to find herself singing an omen of doom for the day. Only, it seems anything but. Simon returns no worse for ware. Zoey’s boss gets promoted to running the company due to legal issues with the owner, Max gets his job back, and he and Zoey hook up. Only, the bad moon rises and the worst thing happens. From there it is a long, protracted time with Zoey and her family as the inevitable comes.

Of all the places to start, the fact Max leaves a scene for Simon to drive in literally seconds later is very funny in a way it should not be. That’s not a problem and you have no context for what I am referring to, but starting light is fun.

The acting, singing, direction, everything is really on point. All the songs from “Jealous” to “All of Me” are really well done. They provide a good metric of normal before the hard stuff hits. Unfortunately, the plot line with Mo and his boyfriend is very weak during this and might be setting up more later, if that comes, but as it is now is not a whole lot.

I only bring that up because once the bad news hits the show is on. It is poignant in all the best ways. Uses its premise for a great send off, and really utilizes an actor that hasn’t gotten to do much. The final scene is also just jaw dropping. A oner through a wake while every cast member gets to sing part of American Pie no 1 is absolutely masterful. Not just the ability to do it, but the staging and blocking was impeccable, along with the vocal mixing, and transitions. It is a great final scene to end on.

The show really does have a heart too it, and the final scene, along with the rest of the season shows how something that is very, very strange can also be a great thing. Just wish character didn’t spell that out so literally mod-way through the episode.

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