Hot 100 Review: THE SCOTTS by Travis Scott & Kid Cutti

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Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are two fairly popular rappers. Travis Scott does not feel nearly as tied down to formula and convention as Cudi does. Also both of their names are Scott. Hence the song/their new band name.

It is fairly common for musicians to name albums after their own name, but songs not so much. But THE SCOTTS is a different breed. The song THE SCOTTS is less an actual song and more just a tech demo for what these two artists with the same name can do tougher. To that end it is at least an interesting experiment.

THE SCOTTS as a song has a great atmosphere, beat, and hook. The whole tone feels like a techno whirlpool. It gives a strong impression with no way to really mistake these beats for anything else.

The lyrics on the other hand… well, Genius says that Travis Scott pioneered psychedelic rap, and that really is what it feels like. There are two verses. One by Scott and the other by Scott (lol, Kid Cudi) that don’t really have any substance other than just to hype them up, make them sound cool, and show off their possible flow and chemistry as a duo. In that respect it works.

Neither verse really works as a whole, or played off each other really. There is some overlap and setup/pay off, but the lyrical stand out are individual lines. Some are legitimately good. Others make no sense, but sound like they match, and many sound like filler.

Even with that though the lyrics don’t really seem to matter. As a bias of myself I hyper focus on lyrics to make sense of the song, only, this song is not that. The lyrics are all generic gangster/brag rap that are fine. Their main purpose however is to give off an impression or vibe. With that in mind they work. It gives off a very strong impression of being cool and together without getting into specifics with what that means.

The video was part of a Fortnite event and has a man flying through space as strange astrological events occur. Like giant versions of the singer appear on the battle ground, or a giant planet that explodes. It all just supports the idea of this song being a tech demo and give impression. The music matches the visuals well, and gives off that uncomfortable, stranded in space vibe, but does not have a lot of substance other than that.

It’s hard to say if the song is actually good. As an experiment it is a success. I would be open to more music by THE SCOTTS. That impression it gives off is strong, but could actually use lyrics to help better make that impression cohesive.

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