Triassic Invasion – Chapter 1, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

The rest of Kyane’s school day consisted of Mrs. Janet Barr’s Geometry class, Mrs. Karen Davis’s World History, and ended the day Mr. Max Mindel’s English II. She was near the door in every class, and mostly stayed to herself. She had lunch between World History and English. During lunch she met up with Desmond and Jamie. They exchanged phone numbers and scheduled when they would meet in the alley.

    “Don’t you think we should get parent permission before we go on this school-sponsored field trip?” Jamie asked. 

    “Are you 10?” Kyane responded. She drummed her knuckles on the cafeteria table. 

    “No,” Jamie said in a trailing voice. He spun his phone in his hand. 

    Desmond glared at Kyane. “You don’t have to be such a jerk,” he said. 

    “You’re right,” Kyane said. She leaned forward, rested her hand on Jamie’s and said, “I’m sorry you’re not ten.” She wanted to say he looked,but held her tongue. “But you’ll be safe with the tank here.” She looked at Desmond. “I’ll also be there. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

    Desmond smiled. He pointed to Kyane. “Yeah, what she said!” He said. “Nobody’s gonna mess with me… or you.” He wrapped his arm around Jamie. A group of baseball players headed toward the exit of the cafeteria. They called out to Desmond. “I gotta go!” he said. “I’ll see y’all tonight!” He jumped out of his plastic stool and ran toward the door. 

    Jamie and Kyane sat in an uncomfortable silence save for Kyane’s beats on the table. Kyane examined his face. His mouth was twitching, trying to say something. The words were at the seams of his mouth trying to break free but couldn’t. The bell rang. Kyane grabbed her messenger bag, slung it over her shoulder, then stood up. “I’ll talk to you later Jamie,” she said. 

“Okay,” he said in a voice that made it clear he was trying to say something, just not that.

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