Triassic Invasion – Chapter 1, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

Jamie arrived at the crime scene at 7:35. He had left his apartment at 7:15 and knew it was only a fifteen to twenty-minute walk, but he was worried that something would come up that would make him late. He rolled a red, green, yellow, and blue juggling ball around in his hands. It was a calming motion for him. The ball was worn from years of use in juggling acts before he ever got his hands on it. During his father’s college years he worked at the theme park, and during slow times he would take out the balls and practice. Jamie’s hand-eye coordination could never quite get it, but he tried. The rolling motion was the most he could ever do. 

Jamie stared down the alleyway. Highlighter yellow police tape on the buildings between the alleyway created and X, blocking his path. The sun had already set, and the moon was high in the sky. The streetlamps kicked on giving him the best time to look before he needed to turn on his flashlight app on his phone.

 He leaned down and saw the chalk outline of the man, along with cuts into the brickwork, and concrete. Near the entrance to the wall there was a hole with a bloodstain. He moved closer and raised his clear-rimmed glasses to look. A car honked its horn at an immobile car parked at the stoplight. Jamie jumped, looked around behind him. No one was watching him. He walked into the coffee house the bloodstained wall was attached to and took a seat at the outward-facing window bar. 

Jamie dug in his pocket and took out his phone. He went online and began surfing the web to see how sharp something had to be to pierce both concrete, and brick. From his cursory searches he found out that most cuts into those objects required at minimum a piercing tool, and a hammer or something to put more force than what a normal human could do into it. A machine would make it easy. 

What did not make it easy was the fact that the marks on the ground were marks that appeared to be scratches. Getting a hole in a brick with a single machine is easy. Getting cut marks in concrete with a similar machine is not. Most blades were not strong enough, majorly expensive, or completely fictional. There was a tap on the glass. Jamie jumped and looked up to see Desmond in a TCHS letter jacket. He waved his hand for Jamie to meet him outside. He then raised a finger up to stop him. Desmond cocked an eyebrow in the air. Waved his hand to tell Jamie to disregard his previous statement, then entered the café. “How’s it hanging J-man?” he said. He took the seat next to Jamie. 

“Good I ah… I ahh guess,” Jamie said. “I looked at the crime scene before you got here and have been doing some research as to what could have caused the ah… the ahh strange holes and cuts.” Jamie held up his phone. 

Desmond took the phone and started scrolling through the websites Jamie had up. “Cool, cool. Have you heard from K-girl?”

“Who?” Jamie asked. 

“Kai-Annie? Kay-Anna? Kay-on-ey?”

“Kyane. No not yet,” Jamie said. “It’s getting close to the meetup time.” He took out the juggling ball and began to roll it between his palms. “I’m ahh, I’m kind of surprised you were here on time. You have friends and stuff.”

Desmond shrugged. “Eh, it’s all cool. Besides Harry most of those guys on the team aren’t even like that cool, and practice is kinda boring now anyway. Doing this is actually, like, exciting and stuff.”

Jamie looked at Desmond but didn’t seem to hear him. His mind drifted off. “I mean if she’s late that means she was kidnapped and attacked like that couple. Then we would get in trouble. I would get in trouble. I don’t handle trouble well. What would happen?”

“Chill dude,” Desmond said. He held the phone out. “Kyane is always late to class. She must have every clock in her house set ten minutes behind or something.” Jamie moved the ball to his left hand and accepted the phone back. “Just chill out.” Desmond held his hand up. “Do you want me to get you a coffee or something?” Desmond pointed his thumb to the front register. “I’ve been majorly craving one of those frozen drink things.”

“Frappuccino,” Jamie said.

“Yeah that. I’ll get you one too.” Desmond jumped down from the stool. “I’ll get Kyane one too-too. Haha, tutu. I’m sure she’ll need it.”

“It could melt if she’s late.”

Desmond walked toward the female barista with brunette hair in a bun. “She won’t be late.”

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