Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2, Period 1 (Period-a-Day)

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Class 2 – Olenekian Objection

Period 1

Kyane followed Dieous’s path across the rooftops. It was a strange sensation, moving around at high speeds on a winter night without getting any slashing breeze or freezing air. During the move she had Dieous explain why she could just talk to just him sometimes, and when she can broadcast her voice through the armor. Dieous explained the microchip embedded in the base of the skull on the armor’s helmet. It allowed for instant contact by cutting out the need for verbal language, and instead focus on the thoughts. Dieous brought up pictures of psychics, simplifying it down to telepathy. But when Kyane wished she could just talk aloud, which would be broadcasted out. She stopped moving when she reached a building across the street from the bridge out of the city. “We’re out of the roof, what now Die?”

    Dieous brought up the minimized map he originally produced. Dieous rescanned the body armor. “Hm. This is very strange.”

    “What is?”

    “It appears this was created using all my finished features my program was supposed to have. However, since I am not fully completed, I cannot execute this plan.”

    “Is this the weapons thing over again?”

    “Yes.” Dieous brought up blueprint schematics for flight capabilities with extended thrust jets, and an extendable movement control fin. “I am supposed to be able to fly but am not able. Therefore, we cannot cross.” 

    “Great,” Kyane said. “Great, great, great.” She looked at the time. It was 9:58. She was way past curfew and would have enough to answer for after losing her bike. She looked down at the water below. “Can you swim?”

    “Negative. My weight would cause us to sink.”

    “Of course.” She sat on the ledge of the roof and kicked her feet back and forth and drummed a beat with her palms. “Before you ask, I am thinking.”

    “I know,” Dieous said. “As I previously mentioned-“

    “Hush!” Kyane said. She looked to see a dusty sunflower mini-van drive onto the exit ramp of the bridge. Kyane squinted her eyes. The HUD brought up a box, and zoomed in on the van, and displayed real-time video of two children playing, and one looking out the window. She rose with a plan in mind. She crouched and placed her hands and feet like she was about to sprint off the block at a track event. The boosters began absorbing the air around her. “When I was young my parents would take me on long car trips for breaks and holidays. My favorite would be seeing the snow mounds when we drove up to my Poppy’s and Grandma Janey’s house on Christmas break. But during the drive, I would get bored and look out the window. I would imagine a shadow man jumping and running beside the car while we moved. He would jump from light post-to-light post, or treetops. I wanted to wish he was real.” The image of the boy looking out the window as she crossed the bridge came to her mind again. 

    Kyane pushed off. The engine screamed blue flames. The push dented the roofing. She jumped from the roof. Her stomach jumped to her chest, then started to fall just as quickly. Dieous projected their path. It showed them making an impact in front of a green sports car. The engine sucked in more air, then fired another burst of propulsive flames from the engines. Kyane felt a spring back up. She didn’t move forward. She instead waited for the car to pass, then slammed down behind it. She saw the pavement crack to pieces around her. The engines sucked in the air again, and she sprung up past the green sports car and onto the light posts. It took two, or three jumps for her to reach the van. She looked inside and saw the boy look back at her. His eyes grew two sizes. He started tapping the glass and telling everyone to look. Kyane put her index finger to where she thought the mouth on the helmet would be. She then accelerated her jumps past the car and off the bridge, and onto a suburban house as quickly as possible. 

    “Kyane you must slow down,” Dieous instructed. 

    Kyane landed her jump a block away from her house. “What’s the problem, Die?” she asked. 

    Dieous brought up a diagnostic of the engines. They were at a red stoplight, with emoji-style flames coming off the sides. “The boost engines have severely overheated from their extended use to get on and off the bridge.”

    “Yay, another problem!” Kyane said. She looked at the time. The display read 10:13. “For a high-tech machine, weapon thing you have a ton of problems.” 

    “I was not made to be used for such extreme cases as what you put me through, Kyane.” 

    “Ah huh. Can we at least make it home?” she pointed to her house. 

    “Yes,” Dieous said. “The reinforced muscular power the armor provides will allow you to get home at an above reasonable speed. Just do not use the engines at all.”

    “Okay, got it.” Kyane looked at the tree next to her window. It stood as her beacon of hope. She felt joy radiant at the idea of a warm bed to snuggle into after everything. She made it in a handful of leaps. She danced to the lawn in front of the tree, jumped up to a branch, flipped up to the branch by her window and slipped into the black room. “Phew, no problem.”

    A bar ran across the HUD. “Kyane there is a problem.” Before Dieous could say any more the lights in the room snapped on, blinding the sensors. “It appears that two humans are in the room.”

    “I can see that, Die.” 

    “What the hell is wrong with you!” yelled a familiar, paternal voice. “What the hell gave you the bright idea to steal high-tech, classified, battle armor!?” The light died down and Kyane saw her father march over toward her. “I would whip your behind if I could right now. Take the damn suit off!” He ran his finger along the outline of the armor. 

    “Ahh, I really wish I knew how,” Kyane said through the voice modifier. “But there isn’t a de-active Iron Man armor button in here.” 

    Dieous brought up a small tutorial video of a cartoon figure re-aligning the three pieces of tech again, and the armor retracting back into the faces of the objects. “Just do this, Kyane.”

    “Okay,” she said.  Kyane raised her arms up but stopped for a moment. “Hey, Die?”

    “Yes, Kyane?”

    “If I don’t talk to you again, thanks for helping me and my friends out.”

    “No problem Kyane. It is all in my programming.”

    Kyane nodded. She realigned the pieces of technology. Another blue light connected the three blue circles on her waist and wrists. Three portals opened, and the armor pieces began to break apart and suck into the watches, and belt like a black hole sucking a spaceship in a sci-fi show. It was a painless process, Kyane just felt the air around her smack her in the face when the armor left her head. She felt her hair drop in a single motion. She turned and saw her father standing with his arms crossed. He waited patiently for the full suit to return where they came from. Kyane turned the other way and saw her mother sitting silently on the bed watching. When all the armor was gone Hinotomi patted the bed for Kyane to sit beside her. Kyane did. 

    “We need to have a talk,” Hinotomi said in her soft voice.

    “Yeah… we do,” Kyane said with a shake in her voice. “But, before that, my bike kinda got destroyed.”

“Of course!” Damon said.

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