Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2, Period 2

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Period 2

    The raptor stumbled away from the scene of the crime and back home. He stuck to side streets, alleyways, and rooftops whenever possible to avoid being seen by humans. He knew his labored breathing did not help his situation at all, but he moved forward anyway. He reached the harbor where an abandoned warehouse sat. He usually hated how the salty air stung his nose, but he didn’t care at this moment. He crouched down then leaped upward to the tin roof. The moon cast a blinding light off the tin. This light made it hard for others to see his kind enter through a hatch near the middle of the complex. 

    The raptor creature landed hard onto the warehouse floor. He felt his ankle snap on contact. He tried to swear but could not get the words out. He limped to a large swirling portal at the far side of the warehouse. Each step, and click of his claws, he wanted to yell and scream in agony, but could not do so. The portal in front of him was the size of an 18-wheeler transport truck and smelled like the cab of one. He approached it, then stepped through. In what felt like an eternity he passed through the world he was into the world he came from. It only took a few seconds. He felt his body tear away and come back with every tick to the other side. The world did not want to let him go. It was a film he had to tear away to get through. He felt a pop of chilled cave air, and the chatter of his own kind on the other side. 

    “He should have come back by now. It is past his time,” said another raptor creature with a scar across his chest, and a grumble in his belly.

    “You can just hold up a bite,” said the raptor creature with a torn tail. “You know he likes to take his time with the hunt. Gets to, ahhhhh!” The other raptor saw him and screamed. The other raptors’ voices reached an unnaturally high octave for their kind. The destroyed raptor creature crumpled to the ground and refused to move. “Quickly, get the lieutenant.” He turned to their injured comrade. “Who did this to you? Quick, speak now before it is too late.”

    The raptor lifted its mangled face. “A huuuumannn teeeenager, Dieous,” he wheezed out. “Thrreee.” He laid his head on the cave floor, resting it on a chunk of stalagmite. Before the raptor with the broken tail or scar could speak a slightly higher-pitched voice chimed in. 

    “What is wrong?” it said. The two raptors turned to see their lieutenant march down the cave hallway, and into the portal room. The lieutenant looked like them in build, only with more definition, and tone to his muscles. He had a similar tan and green body color, but a mismatched green and blue head with three spikes going from the bridge of his nose to the middle of his forehead. Their lieutenant was an evolved eoraptor. 

    The two raptor soldiers clicked to attention. “Lieutenant Eoraspt, he just came out of the portal like this. We were just about to get you,” said the broken tailed raptor.

    “He said it was three teenage humans named Dieous,” said the scared raptor. 

    “I see,” Eoraspt said. He moved passed his soldiers and to the body before the soldiers could finish a single blink. They turned to see Eorapst crouched over the body examining it. “Very interesting.” He pointed to the bruises. “These are clearly combat wounds. But from what Dracex’s informant told us humans were not strong enough to do this much physical damage without mechanical assistance.” He pivoted his head from side to side to examine the body. 

    “What should we do with the body, sir? Should we send it to General Dracorex?”

    Eorapst darted passed them back to the doorway. He held the raptor soldiers’ body in one hand. “This is no need to bother him. Some humans must have just gotten lucky.” He raised the body and looked at the mangled monster in the eyes. “If he was strong enough, he would not have gotten hurt.” He blinked his lime eyes. “But they should learn their place.” 

Eorapst exited the cave onto a campsite. The sun hung high in the sky, beating down. Large troops of raptor soldiers marched around and went in and out of animal skin tents set up around a massive fire pit. Eorpast paid them no attention and went to the largest tent with the sign “Colonel Herreas” hanging above the entrance. He entered without any verbal warning. Inside an animal bedding lay at the far end. In the corner sat 12 large eggs. The twelve eggs were bathed in a pit of bubbling toxins that often splash out and burn the ground. Eorapst looked in and saw some spare human flesh floating on a piece of metal. He tossed the dead soldier in. The bits of meat were quickly eaten away and dissolved to mush. The eggs absorb the meaty chowder into their shells. “I’ll deal with this before it gets out of hand myself,” he said. He tapped a pattern of clicks out to get a platoon ready to invade.

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