Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

    “What the hell does that mean!?” Damon yelled. His voice stung Kyane’s ears in her small bedroom. The mountain of clothes, dirty and clean alike, and wall of belts could not deafen his voice. 

    “I’m sayin I tried to take Dieous, sell him for some money so I could go out and boost my grade, but I got mugged and he activated,” Kyane explained to him again.

    “You’re so grounded,” Damon said. He pointed his finger inches from her face

    “Shush! That can wait,” Hinotomi yelled. “Our daughter was the only person to control Dieous this extensively! She has incredibly valuable information to give us, so shut up for ten seconds about BS material problems and listen to your daughter for god’s sake.” She transitioned in her native language for more cursing Kyane assumed. “Okay, I’m done.” She took a breath and blew it out steadily. She looked to her daughter. “Thank you for that information about Dieous. It is very helpful to know.”

    “So,” Kyane began. She kicked some trash by her bed. “Why did you make this thing anyway?” She motioned to the watches and belt. “Is it the Russians again, or heighten the war on terror?”

    There were minutes of silence. Kyane watched as her parents exchanged looks, she only saw during their worst moments. When she was younger, she would laugh because she thought they were given each other funny faces. When she got older, she noticed that they were trying to talk without talking. It was their own language. She picked up some of the subtle signs. When her mom’s lip twitched on the left side, she knew she was about to yell. Same with her dad. When he got mad, he continually squeezed, then released his fist. 

    Finally, the silence broke. 

    “There are things the government doesn’t always tell you,” Hinotomi began. 

    “Yeah…” Kyane said. “I’ve seen movies.”

    “Just stop Kyane,” Damon said. “The adults are talking to you. This is not a conversation! Go on honey pop,” Damon’s voice pepped up. 

    “Thank you dear,” she turned her attention back to Kyane. “I get it. It’s late, we’re all tired. I will give it to you straight. There are creatures we have not talked about. No, ahh, look aliens can come from many places, not just space. No that doesn’t… look honey there are dinosaur people that eat humans. They are incredibly dangerous to our place as the best animals on this planet, so Dieous was made to combat them.” Hinotomi waited for her daughter’s face to change. She saw her try to fake surprise, but it did not work. “You know…” Hinotomi backed away from her daughter. 

    “What?” Damon leaned in. “You know about them?”

    Kyane played with the back of her hair. “Ahh, well,” she said. “That was the guy who mugged me,” she said. “And trashed my bike!” she with an added lean forward and finger wag. 

    “God. Damnit, Kyane!” Damon wiped his face with his hand. “Anything else you want to tell us?” He knelt by his daughter and cupped her hand. He could see the fear deep in her pupils. “ I promise you won’t get in trouble.”

    “I then kinda used Dieous to go mug him back, and saved some classmates from getting killed,” Kyane said. Damon nodded his head and sucked his teeth in. Kyane looked at her mom and dad, then down at the watches around her wrists. “Look,” she began, “I did something really stupid, but I did something good. And mom said that I did something like no one ever has done before by using Dieous. Let me use him to keep fighting these dinosaur creature alien monsters. I can do that.”

    Damon and Hinotomi looked at each other from the corners of their eyes. Kyane could feel her dad’s hand tremble even as he tried to stand firm. His hand moved to Kyane’s wrist and unclamped the watch, then drew it off. Kyane lurched forward, but Hinotomi grabbed her and hugged her. Damon quickly removed the second watch and pocketed them both. His pants dropped a few inches. “You’re our daughter. We love you no matter the yelling. We will not let you get hurt. We can’t let you.”

    “But I’m the only person that can do it! You said that!” Kyane tried to stand, but her mother’s grip held her in place.

    “Stop!” Damon yelled. “It’s our job to protect you. So, we will.” He waved his hand. “Now give me the belt, please.” 

    Kyane took it off without any fighting. She handed it to her father.

“Thank you,” he said. “Now get some sleep. You still have school in the morning.” He and Hinotomi kissed their daughter’s forehead. They walked out of the room and turned the light off with only the moon giving Kyane illumination as she changed into her pajamas and laid down on her pillow.

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