Triassic Invasion – Chapter 2 Finale( Period-a-Day)

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Period 9

The moon rose over the baseball field. The stadium lights brightened like the sun. But there were no stars in the sky. The late-winter air blew through the night leaving whispers behind. The crowd of students and teachers murmured about what was going on. Eorapst cracked his tail against the ground. Desmond and the other two players woke up. They crawled and joined Kyane on the bench. “Teenagers! Your superiors are here! Do as I ask of you and you may come out of this alive!” 

Desmond and Kyane looked at each other. Kyane saw a fear that she thought no person of Desmond’s size should have. It was an instinctual fear. The flight or fight response going into high gear. Kyane knew what her answer was to that question. 

Eorapst was unaware that he was being watched from a similarly tailed figure. The tailed figured observed the lieutenant from a large classroom window. Only his green tail, and scaly arms glowed bright in the rising moon’s light. He crossed his arm. It’s only hope was that they could get enough information from this event to adjust their plans. Other than that, he was dreading what he was sure to come.

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