Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 1 (Period-a-Day)

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Class 3 – Anisian Assembly

Period 1

The late winter-to-early spring night air turned cold and harsh. The hostages, made up of the baseball team, team coaches, and Jamie, all shook and shivered under the frozen blanket of night. They speculated on what was happening, giving different possibilities from reality shows to a movie. They would never get the answer they wanted. Eroapst walked from the baseball diamond over to the crowd on the pitcher’s mound. “This is not some escapist trash!” His high-pitched voice cracked an octave higher. He leaned down and grabbed a player by the collar and yanked the student to him. “Do you know who Dieous is?”

    The student could not stop shaking. His eyes bugged out of his head to examine Eorapst. His breath was strong, but teeth looked like miniature knives sitting in his mouth. His amber eyes blinked to reveal multiple layers of protection. The student tried to get out a “no” but got stuck on the n sound.

    “I see,” Eorapst said. “Then you are of no use to me.” He lifted the student off the ground. 

    A coach shot up. He was the batting coach, and English 2 teacher, Mr. Hoge. He had short salt and pepper hair and looked like he had not done cardio since college. “Stop!” he said. 

    Eorapst tilted his head to look past the student. “What was that? Did a lesser being try to command me?” 

    “Look, Mr…” Mr. Hoge said.

    “Lieutenant Eorapst.”

    “Lt. Eorapst, these are just children, let them go, and leave them alone. I can help you,” Mr. Hoge said. He looked down at the other two coaches sitting on the grass and dirt. “We can help you. We are teachers. We know the students. Just let the kids go.”

    Eorpast looked back at the student in his grasp. His eyes were out of his head and sweat coated his face. He was scared, helpless, and he knew it. It was a common look from prey about to be sacrificed for the stronger species. Eorapst tossed the student to a raptor soldier. “I reject your offer.” He turned to the soldier. “Take him back to the nest.” 

    The student was dragged off the field by the back of his collar. His screams and cries filled the air around the hostages. Snot made up most of his face when he vanished into the shroud of blackness outside of the stadium. 

    In the dugout Desmond tried to stand up, felt a wince of pain, and collapsed back to the ground, hand firmly holding his side. “We have to do something!” 

    “Calm down,” Kyane said. “We have to wait.”

    “While our friends get killed! No, we go now,” Desmond said. He turned to his teammates. “Right?” One agreed. Harry didn’t move. Desmond and the other teammate, Anthony, both tried to stand up again. They walked to the edge of the dugout before collapsing. They could only stand by bracing on the dugout’s ledge. 

    “See how well that doing something worked out,” Kyane said. 

    “Yeah dude, I’m with Kyane here on this one,” Harry said. “We tried going all like Casey Jones on them and that didn’t go so well.”

    Desmond arched his head back. “Well what is your plan then?” he asked.

    “We wait,” she said. She took out her phone and passed it back and forth between her hands. 

    “Wait. You’ve had your phone the whole time!?” Desmond tried to yell. 

    Kayne jumped up and covered his mouth. “Shh, shh, shut up.” She uncovered his mouth. “Yes, I have my phone.”

    “Well why didn’t you text me back!?” Kyane covered his mouth again. 

    It clicked in Kyane’s head. “Is that why you’ve been such a jerk to me?” Kyane asked. “Because I left you on read? Really?” 

    Desmond rolled his eyes. He pulled her handoff. “Yes,” he whispered. “It’s easy to text back and say that you’re okay, or fine, or whatever. It takes two whole seconds to do.”

    “Well I had other stuff on my mind when you texted me,” she said. 

    “Still, two seconds!”

    “Is this really what we are going to talk about right now?” Harry asked. “How some girl you are crushing on didn’t text you back? We kind of have bigger problems right now.”

    “Thank you, Henry,” Kyane said. 

    “It’s Harry. Like the situation we’re in.” The dugout was silent. “Right.”

    Anthony looked over and saw Kyane’s phone in her hand. “You have a phone? Call the police!” 

    She looked at him. “No,” she said. “We have to wait for the best moment, or this will go badly for everyone.”

    “It already went badly!” Anthony lunged at her and grabbed her, pushing her back down to the used condom wrapper floor. The student swiped to the emergency mode and dialed 911. 

    “911 what is your emergency?” the dispatcher asked. 

    “Yeah, ahh there is, there is a hostage situation I think, I don’t know. There are these monsters-” before he could finish Eorapst looked over. The student freaked out. “Oh my god he saw me, he saw me. I’m dead. They already killed one guy; they’re going to kill me too.”

    “Please sir, calm down and tell me where you are?” the dispatcher asked.

    Eroapst ran toward the student and made it before the student could say. He dug his claw into the student’s chest. “You’re a stupid species,” he said. Blood ran down the back of the student’s training jersey and dribbled onto the steps. 

    The phone clacked to the floor. The operation continued to ask if he was there, and what was going on. “We have turned on your GPS and will send police to your location. Please stay safe. I will be on the phone the whole time until the police arrive.” Eorapst picked up the phone and crushed it in his hand. 

    “Whose idea was this?” Eorapst asked. He looked at the three students in the dugout. 

    Kyane pointed to the skewered student. “It was all his,” she said. 

    Eorapst shook his head. He removed his hand from the student’s body. He crumpled to the ground. His claws were painted red. He stepped over the body and entered the dugout. His frame cast deep black shadows over the three. “How do I know that is true. This could all have been some ploy.” Kyane, Desmond, and Harry backed themselves into the corner. 

    Kyane looked at Anothony’s corpse on the ground. She felt her blood pouring on and highlighting the ground with Anthony. She was pale. She looked back at Harry and Desmond. They weren’t any better. She knew her parents were coming. They had to be. She could save them all once they did. She stepped up. “It wasn’t, okay?” Eorapst’s claws sharpened. Her time was limited. “Look, I’ll prove it. Let me tell them that I will collect their cell phones, so they can’t make any other calls for help.”

    Eorapst was silent. Kyane stepped backward. Her eyes were not focused on his claws, or teeth, but his wriggling tail. It moved idly in a soothing back and forth motion. “Okay,” he said, breaking her concentration on the tail. She looked at him. “I will go along with your plan, female.” 

“Good,” Kyane said. She stepped back up to the dinosaur. She looked back. Desmond gave her a look of concern and hope. She knew she just had to buy time until her parents arrived, then she could just change and take care of business. She was just unsure of when that would happen.

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