Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 2 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 2 

    TCPD Officers Mark Quince and his partner Cainith Roy left Jermoe’s Pizza on South Street with a call about a possible hostage situation at Tower City High School, and to check it out. Cainith took the driver’s seat, started the car, then turned on the lights and sirens. Their rotating red and blue light illuminated the area around them. Mark got into the passenger’s side and called in that they were on their way to the school. Cainith took off to North Street. “Shouldn’t we call in SWAT?” Cainith asked. 

    “I’m sure it’s nothing,” Mark said. 

    Cainith swerved around a line of parked cars and into the oncoming traffic lane. “Hostage situation is nothing?” Cainith said. 

    “Just because this is a city doesn’t mean it’s Detroit,” Mark said. He grabbed the handle above the door. Cainith whipped the car back into the right lane and turned onto 23rd North Street.

    “It’s a hostage situation!” Cainith said. “It’s got to be bad.”

    “It’s at the high school,” Mark noted. “It could just be some crappy joke by the kids.” He laughed to himself. “We can take them in, lock’em up for a bit, tease them about the dangers before their parents pick them up to teach them the Boy Who Cried Wolf Lesson.”

    “Where are the teachers then?”

    “I don’t know?” Mark said. He checked his watch. “It’s late. These could just be students who are hanging around maybe. Further proof of my Bow Who Cried Wolf Lesson I’d say then.”

    Cainith shook his head. He took his last turn onto East Street and up to the front of the High School. He reached for the walkie-talkie in the car. “Dispatch, this is Car 1827. We’ve arrived at the school. Will call for backup if needed.”

    “10-4 1827,” the dispatcher said. 

    Both officers exited the car. The school was dark, and empty. The only lights were the police car’s headlights, along with the red and blue signal lights. They put a spotlight on the double door entrance to the building. “Should we get the shotgun?” Cainith asked. 

    Mark tilted his head from side to side in a mocking attempt to examine the empty school. “Why not!” he said, a bit too cheery. “Just keep the shells in your pocket. Don’t want a situation.” Cainith nodded his head. He unlocked the truck and took out the shotgun, then stuffed a few shells into his jacket pocket. Mark stood with one hand on his gun, and flashlight on the other. He was slouched over and relaxed. Mark nodded his head to the school. “Let’s go.” 

    The two officers approached the school quickly. Cainith took point and grabbed the handle. He pulled the door, but it didn’t budge. Cainith looked back and raised an eyebrow in confusion. Mark spun his index finger in circles around in the air. Cainith nodded. He lowered the shotgun and marched along the far side of the building up to the corner. Mark kept his flashlight on the dark windows. All the rooms were empty. The officers turned the corner and marched up the side of the building, clearing rooms along the way. Cainith hit a hard stop when he reached the rear of the school. Mark ran into Cainith’s back, then backed up a few paces. 

    “What’s up?” Mark asked. He peaked around his frozen partner. A reptilian creature with amber eyes, razor teeth, and long claws. Mark took a few more steps back and reached for his gun. “Ah sir, it is a little late for Halloween. Now put your hands in the air and get onto the ground.” He points the gun at the raptor. The raptor jerks forward. Cainith slumps over, and the raptor’s claws emerge from the police officers back covered in blood. Mark fires three shots at the creature. He quickly reached for the radio on his collar. “Car 1827 to dispatch, request backup, and a bus. Officer down. Repeat. Officer down.”

    “10-4 car 1827 we will send the backup to your location,” the dispatcher said. 

    The raptor removed his claw from the officer. He fell to the grass in a puddle of blood. Mark stood firm and kept his gun trained on the raptor. “Freeze,” Mark said. The raptor stopped moving. “Turn around, put your hands in the air, and get on the ground!” Mark commanded. The raptor creature complied with the request. He turned around, put his arms up, and dropped to his knees. “Now place your hands behind your head!” The raptor did. Mark quickly stepped up to the raptor. He tried to ignore his downed partner as much as possible, and got to the perp. He removed his cuffs with one hand, and kept the gun trained with the other. “You move, I blow your head off,” he said. He clicked the cuff around the raptor’s right wrist, then yanked it to the ground. Mark then pressed his knee against the creature’s back to force him to the ground. “Drop!” Mark said sternly. The raptor dropped, then slowly slithered its tail around the officer’s legs then jerked him onto his back. The raptor felt Mark’s grip loosen from the cuff. The raptor leaped up and stepped over the downed officer and bared his teeth at him. “You may get me, but the whole force will come, and you won’t get far,” Mark said. 

    “I’d like to see them try,” the raptor said. He lurched down and bit into the officer’s neck. 

His scream echoed to the baseball field. Kyane whipped her head around to try and see where it was coming from. She then felt a push on her back, then continued walking in front of Eorapst over to the other players and teachers. Eorapst turned to the sound and said, “Ahh, he must have taken care of the pesky visitors.” 

“More will come,” Kyane said. 

“They will not do much with you as our hostage,” Eorapst said. He pressed his clammy hand against her back and pushed her into the pile of people on the ground. “Now collect the phones from your people here, or you will all be killed.”

Kyane stood up in front of the team, and Jamie. “Guys, we can get out of this, just please give me your phones.” She looked at Jamie and leaned her head forward to try and get his attention. “So please take them out, turn them off, and hand them to me. Okay?” She looked back at Jamie, and shook her head, and made a small swiping motion with her finger. “Good, good,” she said. She began to walk through the crowd of students and the remaining coaches, collecting phones all along the way. Her body curdled at what was happening to the other coach and student as she did this. 

Kyane moved past some of them and quickly  to Jamie. She took his phone. It was unlocked like she wanted. She placed that phone in her pocket and dialed her parents’ number via text and sent them her current address with her right hand. With her left hand she picked the remaining phones and made them into an unsteady tower. Before she exited the group of people, she knocked her leg against one of the players. She leaned forward dropping the phones onto the ground. She tossed Jamie’s phone onto the grass during the confusion. She quickly leaned over and apologized for dropping all the phones, and then gave them to Eorapst. 

Eorapst leaned down to her level and looked Kyane in the eyes. “Thank you,” he said to her. His voice began getting drowned out by the whirring and beating of helicopters approaching the scene. A spotlight then blasted down on the group of hostages. A projected voice confirmed they were the police. Cop cars, and news vans quickly began flooding onto the wet grass and surrounding the field. Eorapst looked to the sky. He balled his hand into a fist, and his jaw locked. He reeled his arm back and let his claws out. “I am going to kill you!” he said to Kyane. 

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Kyane raised her hands up to protect herself. “We can still get out of this with whatever you want. Just calm down and be patient. Trust me, if you knew me you would not believe I just said that.”

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