Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

Damon paced around his living room mumbling to himself. Hinotomi sat on the couch with the TV on trying to watch the news. The D13 armor case sat closed on the table. “Where is our girl?” Damon kept asking and trying to rationalize. “She has not answered her phone. In fact, it goes right to voicemail which means she is in danger, but where is she?”

“I said school,” Hinotomi added. 

“She doesn’t want to be at school when she’s supposed to be, let alone when she doesn’t have to. She has to be downtown somewhere.”

“Downtown is a big somewhere,” Hinotomi said. 

“I realize that, but it’s true. She only goes to school and, here. That is it. And she hates both places, so she is probably downtown where she ran into a dinosaur creature and it took her away somewhere.” 

“Damon, just please sit down,” Hinotomi said. She patted the open space next to her. “You are creating a burn in the carpet from your moving. Sit down so we can talk this out.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” Damon said. He threw his arms up and took the seat next to HInotomi. He placed his head on his wife’s shoulder. “I just want our little girl to be safe. She needs us.”

Hinotomi rubbed her husband’s hair. “I know. We will find her. It’s just a matter of-” her phone buzzed again. She looked at it and saw it was a number she didn’t know. She unlocked the phone. The only part of the message was an address to the practice field. “She’s at the school,” she sighed. 

Damon jumped out of the couch. “I knew it!” he pointed to his wife. “I called it!”

“Not the time. Why is she there? What are the dinosaurs doing there?” Hinotomi asked. 

Damon pointed at the TV. An anchor sat at a news desk with papers in front of him. “We have breaking news. We go live to Tower City High School where news correspondent Jackie Thomas is on the scene.”

The video cut to a woman with black hair and bundled in warm clothes holding a microphone with the police and spotlight from the helicopter behind her. “Thank you, Dan,” she said. “We are on the scene at Tower City High School where a group of people in dinosaur costumes have taken the baseball team hostage.” A bird’s eye view image of Eorpast standing in front of Kyane with his claw raised flashed onto the screen. “It is unclear what they want at this time, but we will keep you updated with any changes as they come.”

It cut back to Dan in the studio. “Thank you, Jackie. We too will keep everyone watching up to date with the latest information as this story develops.” 

Damon and Hinotomi were both in the van and driving off before Dan finished his last sentence. The D13 briefcase was gone from the counter and was with Hinotomi in the back of the van while Damon gunned it downtown. Damon looked back at Hinotomi in his rear-view mirror. She was at a metal desk hooking up a laptop and typing away on it. The desk and chair were screwed down to the metal interior, with an internet jetpack hooked up. The van was normally used for off-site testing. Along the wall were folded up desks, cameras, and a mini-fridge for refreshments. “Everything good back there?” Damon asked. He turned onto the bridge. 

“Yep,” Hinotomi replied. She pulled up the news website and pulled up the same video they just saw. Using the video of Jackie, she traced the signal to the news van that was on scene and hacked into the audio and video feed. She then took the feed and sent it to Jerry’s computer as an embedded email file. “Now we just have to figure out how to tell Kyane we are here when we arrive.” 

“She’ll know. She’s a smart girl even when she doesn’t want to be.”

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