Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 4 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 4

Armed police advanced on the spotlighted section of the baseball field. Blue and red lights blew up the field. Eorapst held his claw away from Kyane’s face. No one had moved since the police arrived. Kyane kept her hands raised in a defensive motion. “You are still in control here,” she said to Eorapst. “The police don’t want to harm us, so we’re like leverage to you.” Kyane hastily examined her surroundings. She had the same thought her mother did. How was she going to know when her parents arrived, and how she would know where they are? She saw the concession stand outside the police’s cone of vision. She had her plan of how to get out of here. “Killing me would only make it way harder for you.”

Eorapst clicked his tongue and lowered his hand. “You have my attention human.” He looked around at the swarm of armed insects around him. He wanted to just kill them all, but even he knew hundreds of bees can take down the largest of prey. “What should we do first?” He asked.

Kyane looked at Desmond and Harry player still in the dugout. “Bring those two over here first. If you don’t the police could get ballsy and try to rescue them.” Eorapst pointed at the students. A raptor ran over and walked them over to the group. 

“You don’t need to grab us,” Harry said. He rustled his shoulders free from the raptor’s grasp.

Desmond looked at Kyane, hoping she knew what she was doing. Desmond took a seat next to Jamie on the cold pitcher’s mound. Jamie was losing it. His fingers continued to spin, interlock, and fidget. He was panting heavily, and balls of sweat rolled down his face. “I really hope this chick knows what she is doing,” Desmond said, verbalizing his thoughts to someone. 

“Yeah. I do too,” Harry added. “But I see what you see in her.”

“You were the one who said not to bring it up,” Desmond said.

“I know it jus-” 

“She is playing a waiting game,” Jamie said. His twirling fingers got faster. “I uhh… I uh… I told her about Dieous.” 

“What!?” Desmond yelled. 

“Ahh, what’s Dieous?” Harry asked.

Two raptors looked at him. He looked away quickly, and whispered again, “What?” Desmond asked again.

“Guys, really, what is Dieous?” Harry nudged Desmond. “Dude…”

Desmond’s gaze was fixed on Jamie. 

“I just, I felt like I had to. To, you know, complete the story or whatever. Anyway, she knows so she is probably stalling until he arrives to save us from these guys. It is the only possible thing.”

“Who is Dieous!?” Harry basically screamed.

“He’s a superhero.”

“Sure,” Harry slumped over. “Of course, we have a superhero of all things.”

Desmond shook his head. “Still we don’t know if he’ll show up. We have to do this alone is possible.” He pointed to Kyane standing in front of Eorapst. “She is just trying to save us by buying time for the police.” He turned back to Jamie. “Trust me, man. I want Dieous to come save us. That would be really dope. But we don’t know what he is doing. He is one dude, right? He could be stopping a robbery or walking an old lady across the street right now, other stuff. We have to do this ourselves but letting the police do it.” He pointed to himself. “And look at me when I say that we should trust the police. You know this situation’s got problems.”

Jamie was silent. He lowered his eyes and kicked the ground. 

Harry put an arm over Jamie. “Yeah dude. Superheroes are all cool and stuff, but, like, we gotta be realistic here.” He looked around. “There are no superheroes here.” 

Jamie nodded. “Okay Desmond,” he said. 

Eorapst moved next to Kyane and looked at the crowd of officers. “What is their next moves human?”

Kyane looked around at them. “This is a hostage situation. Now, I’ve watched too much Law and Order SVU, so they probably have snipers on the school’s roof by now and will be getting a negotiator to come talk you down and ask what you want. To do that you will need a cell phone for them to call you.” She picked up Jamie’s phone, then looked up at the human-like reptile. “Do you know what you want?”

“I want Dieous!” he screeched. “He has embarrassed us as a species and shall perish before my might.” He balled his hand together again. 

“Okay…” Kyane said. “That seems… doable.” Alarm bells went off in her brain. If he was the boss of the raptor guys then he could be really strong, and she won’t know how to fight that off. She looked at the group of students. She had to either way. She handed him the cell phone. Eorapst took it. “Hold this up, and they will give you a number to call.”

“I do not know how to call,” Eorapst said.

“I’ll do that, don’t worry,” Kyane said. “Just,” she held her hand up, “do this.”

Eorapst held the phone high into the air and waved it around to make sure the police could see he had it. A police officer over a megaphone gave him a number to call so they could talk out what he wanted. Eorapst handed it back to Kyane. She opened the phone, went to the messages and sent the word: “concession” to the same number she sent the address. She watched as the word autocorrected to confession. Eorapst looked over. “Are you having trouble, human?” 

“No, no, no,” she said. “I am just not used to this kind of phone is all.” She quickly exited the message app, and went to type the number in. She hoped her parents would get it. “I have an iPhone, this is a Samsung, or Android phone or something. You know what you don’t care, just here.” She hit the dial button and handed it back to Eorapst. “You can tap this button,” she pointed to the speakerphone button, “to make you not have to hold it to where your… ears… are.” She examined the reptilian head and was unable to find his ears. Eorapst did. 

“Hello, who are we talking to?” the negotiator asked. 

“I am Lt. Eorapst of your mother world! I am here to find your hero, Dieous and slay in front of you all, so you humans know your place.” Eorapst looked at Kyane. She gave a thumbs up. 

“Okay,” the negotiator said. He had a slight southern drawl to his voice. “We will look for this Deious you want. In the meantime, how are the hostages? The children and coaches?”

“I have already taken one of your older humans who has refused to give in to our demands already! If you do not either, they will all go with him!” 

Kyane frantically waved her arms side-to-side. “No, no, no, no,” she said. “You don’t want to say that. It will make them want to talk with you less, meaning you won’t get to fight your Dieous person.”

“Okay,” Eorapst said. 

Inside, Kyane was sweating, and wondering how long she could hold out.

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