Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

“Ahh, guys, you may want to see this,” Jamie called into the girl’s concession stand bathroom. 

“What is it?” harry asked

The other two stepped outside. “Holy crap!” Desmond pointed to the bright lights of the van. “What is that?”

“A van. It is probably what brought Dieous here.” Jamie adjusted his glasses.

“Let’s check it out,” Desmond said. He looked to Harry who nodded in agreement. 

Jamie grabbed Desmond. “No. If Dieous is with the Feds or the Army, and they catch us we’ll be sent to Guantanamo for treason.”

“What’s Guantanamo?”

“Real bad terrorist prison,” Harry said. 

Jamie hobbled back in and opened the bathroom door. “Let’s hide in here and just watch.”

“With the raptor?” Desmond asked

“Yes, the raptor! He’s already unconscious and tied up. He won’t be a problem.”

“He could wake up,” Harry said.

“Then you will take him,” said Jaime.

“Easy for the person who isn’t going to help fight,” Harry said. “Des, back me u here.”

Desmond looked at the splayed out raptor. Its claws rested plainly on the tile floor. Desmond felt a flash of heat and image of spraying blood splash across his body. “It’s fine,” Desmond said. 

They crept into the bathroom but held the door open and watched the van.

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