Triassic Invasion – Chapter 3, Period 6 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 6

Dieous punched Eorapst in the face again. “You have an incoming text from your father, Damon,” D13 said. 

“I know who my dad is. What does it say?” Kyane asked.

“‘Come back to the van when you’re done. Need to make a quick escape. You really kicked butt. Love you’ heart emoji.”

“Can’t keep the old man waiting,” Dieous said. 

“What?” Eoraspt hissed. He tore his head away from the armored fist and stood up. He lifted Dieous’s legs into the air with his tail and started to spin around. His tail twitched in exhaustion. 

“No, you don’t,” Dieous said. She forced her feet to the ground, flopped over and pulled Eorapst tail. He fell to the ground. Dieous climbed over to him and punched him as hard as she could. She felt his tail uncurl. “Nope, sorry pal.” She grabbed the tail and stood up. She swung her body around, turning Eorapst into the discus. “You threatened to hurt and kill innocent humans. You, and your people can’t do that, and won’t do that as long as I’m here.”

 Eorapst said nothing. Dieous set the portal up as a marked target on the HUD. A prompt said release. She let go. Eorapst flew in the air and hit the portal. It cracked and sparked green lighting. Unlike the other dinosaurs, he didn’t turn into a ball of energy. The portal collapsed with Eorapst inside, crushing him, and imploded into a storm of green lighting, then nothing. 

Dieous turned to the police officers, news teams, and first responders. She saluted them, then leaped over the fence toward the concession stand. 

Hinotomi saw her daughter leaping over to her. She shifted the van into drive and sped up to meet her. “Open the door, and be ready to close it in a second, we need to split fast!”

Damon undid the latch on the inside of the van. The doors flew open. Dieous landed behind them and leaped into the back of the van. It bounced and shook from the drastic weight change. Dieous collapsed onto the floor. Damon pulled the doors in and latched it back. He sat down next to his girl and scratched the metal plates of her back. “You did really good, baby.”

Kyane did not hear her dad, both her and her armor needed to recharge. 

In the concession stand bathroom, Jamie furiously scribbled on his hand with the pen that was in his pocket. Desmond looked over the scribbles. He could make out a series of numbers and letters. “What’s that?” he asked. 

Jamie held up the black scribbles. “It’s that van’s license plate.”

Desmond grabbed his arm and pulled it close. “No way.” 

They then looked at the raptor. “What about him?” Harry said. 

“We better go,” Jamie said. “Now that the situation is resolved they’ll be searching the area. So being here would be difficult to explain.”

“Right,” Desmond said. They ran out of the bathroom like a racehorse.

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