Triassic Invasion – Chapter 5, Period 1 (Period-a-Day)

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Class 5 – Landian Layover

Period 1

Kyane jerked awake. Her black hair fell across her face. The covers soared off her body. She looked around and could instantly tell she was not in her bed, room, or even her house. She was in a queen-sized bed with light blue sheets with a view of a window looking out to picturesque woods. She flipped her hair out of her eyes and felt the Dieous bracelets were still on her wrists, and noticed she was in the same outfit from yesterday. She quickly tapped down to her waist. She felt the Dieous belt but could not find her cellphone. She rummaged all around the bed only to look at the white nightstand and see it charging. She breathed her first sigh of relief and grabbed her phone. It was 9:20 wherever she was and was at 100% but had no signal. She unlocked her phone and saw she had a voicemail from her dad, and a new app of a sliver D13 against a black background. She tapped play on the voicemail.

    “Hey, baby,” Damon said.

    “Good morning my cherry blossom,” Hinotomi said.

    “You have a lot of questions,” Damon said.

    “We know this is all strange to you, but hear us out,” Hinotomi said. “Firstly, you did great.”

    “Yeah, you really gave it to those raptor creatures,” Damon said. “And you have given us as scientists a load of information about the Dieous armor.”

    “But we’ve run into a snag,” Hinotomi said. “You’ve been the only person to really use Dieous to the extent that you’ve done.”

    “But we can’t just send children into the field untrained so you’re here to be trained,” said a strange voice over the phone.

    “We were getting to that, Jerry,” Hinotomi said. “Anyway, yes, you are in a military training ground in the mountains. You can stay in this house as long as you need it. We have plenty of food in the kitchen to build up your energy.”

    “Don’t worry about school,” Damon added. “It has been postponed for the rest of the week because of the incident.”

    “If you need any help before armoring up, we installed an application that will allow you to talk to him while un-armored,” Hinotomi said. “Good luck, sweetie.”

    “We love you,” Damon and Hinotomi said in almost planned unison. 

The call ended. 

Kyane looked at the time code. It was recorded at 12:27 the previous evening. Her hand began to tremble. Her breathing sped up and sweat began to form on her brow. She clenched her phone tightly. She felt the warmth of her tears begin to stream down her face and sniffle her nose. “What about what I want!?” she demanded to the empty room.. She tapped the D13 app.

The app opened to display a line of white stripes. “Hello, Kyane,” said the familiar voice.

“Hey, Die,” she sniffled. “How are you feeling?”

“Back up to 98%.” The white bars shifted up and down with the change in the pitch of his voice. 

“Shouldn’t that be 100?” She looked at her phone battery and saw it was now on 98%. “Damn Apple,” she said.

“Did you not like my joke?”

“No. It was fine.” Kyane sat on the edge of the bed. She squeezed her hands tightly, bunching the covers in the process. “Can you just totally replace Siri? I like your voice way more.”

“I cannot do that, but I do take it from your voice, and stuffed nose that you heard the message from your parents and Jerry Saucher.”

“Yes,” she said. She dabbed her eyes with the sheets. “But who is this Jerry guy anyway, and how do you know about that message?”

“Colonel Jerry Saucher, former United States Army Ranger. He is the current head of development for myself, the Dieous project, and contact to the Department of Defense and military adjacent units, and once I was installed on your phone I was able to scan all the information on it after your data was backed up onto this new phone.”

“New phone?” Kyane questioned. She then remembered Eorapst crushing it after the baseball player called the police. Her stomach growled.

“You need to get back up to 89%, now don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Kyane said with a chuckle. “I do.” She stood up, walked over to the mirror on top of a dresser across the room, tied her hair into a ponytail then walked out of the room. She quickly ran back in, grabbed the phone charger, and slammed the door shut.

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