Triassic Invasion – Chapter 7, Period 1 (Period-a-Day)

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Class 7 – Carnina Confrontation

Period 1

Kyane de-armored herself, curled into a ball and sat against the wall across from the office. The bland paint and bricks cooled her skin. A group of burn marks from the collapsing portal sat inches above her head. The military quarantined the area and began taking pictures and samples of the burn marks along the wall. Jerry found Jamie’s phone and noted that he was trying to find the original video files from the night of the hostage situation. He deleted all the progress Jamie made and handed the phone over. 

Kyane’s parents rushed over to her. She explained what happened.

    Jamie left the stadium right before the families of the deceased took the stage. The families gave speeches that could make a boulder ball it’s grains out. During the middle of a speech from one of the couches wives’ Dieous’s UDC detection alarm went off. Kyane told Desmond she needed to go to the bathroom to clean her eyes, then raced into the school. She transformed by lining the stones on her bracelets with the belt face. The belt began emitting a blue grid onto her body. The vibration spread with it. The clumps of black metal poured out of the stones and b-lined to the spaces on the grid. The pieces expanded to fix the grid space. Each piece smacked against her body, then snapped together like a puzzle. It was overall painless except for two pieces smacking her butt, and the breastplate mashing onto her chest. A tickle carried up her neck as metal extended from the back, and chest plate, covering her neck. The final pieces of metal snapped together with blue glass in the middle forming a helmet with a visor. The helmet snapped onto her skin. The outfit was complete. She knocked the locked school door down, saw Jamie, tried to save him, and failed. 

    “I’m so stupid,” she said. She smacked her head against the plaster wall. Damon and Hinotomi knelt beside her and rubbed her shoulders. “I couldn’t save someone again!” She slammed a fist on her knee. 

    “Shhh, shh. It’s okay,” Hinotomi said. 

    “We’ll figure out some way to get him back,” Damon said. 

    “How?” Kyane said. “The portal disappeared. He could be anywhere.” 

    Jerry finished handing Jamie’s phone over and walked to the three. “He is somewhere,” he said. “And we have a good idea of where that somewhere could be.”

Kyane shot to her feet. Her parents almost fell on their backs from the lack of warning. “What!?” Kyane said. “Take me there. I have to save him!” She got a few steps too close only for Vic to emerge and block her path. 

 Kyane rolled her eyes then walked out the school entrance until Jerry placed a hand in her way. “It’s not that simple, Kyane,” he said. 

“Watch it be,” she said. She sidestepped Jerry. He moved and blocked her again. “Get out of my way,” she said through gritted teeth and surprised anger. “Or I will make you get out of my way.” She moved her arms to begin the alignment process of the transformation. Vic raised his pistol to her head once again.

Jerry held out one hand to stop Vic, and the other to grab Kyane’s arms and pulled them apart. “Don’t,” he said. “If you use the suit against military personnel you will be labeled a threat and taken care of.”

“Fine,” Kyane said. She struggled to move her arms back. Jerry was a lot stronger than he looked. “Jamie getting kidnapped is my fault. I’ll solve it with or without you guys helping.”

“Kyane stop,” her parents said. “Don’t you even want to know why this is not as easy as you want it to be?”

“I assume stupid procedure reasons to make it harder to save someone than kill them for stupid reasons,” Kyane said. 

“I wish it were just that,” Jerry said. He let go of Kyane’s arms. 

She shook them off and crossed them. “What do you mean then?” she asked. 

“We have a UDC in custody,” Jerry said. 

“It was the one you took out and told us about,” Hinotomi explained. 

Kyane’s hands became fists again. “Where is he?” she asked. 

“A secure facility,” Damon said. He got between Jerry and his daughter. “He has provided some information, so we have an idea of where Jamie’s going, but that’s it.”

“He hasn’t been very forthcoming with details,” Jerry said. “If you can believe it.” His attempt and wit fizzled. 

“Take me there,” Kyane demanded. “I’ll get the details.” She buried her nails into her palm.

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