Triassic Invasion – Chapter 7, Period 3 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 3

Desmond balled his fists. They whitened. He then let loose with a flurry of punches on the body-sized punching bag in his garage. He dabbled in boxing earlier in his life but took it up regularly following his and Jamie’s first encounter with the raptor. The bag bobbed up and down, and side to side with each successive jab, punch, and accidental slap he gave it. The crumpled face of a green velociraptor with a claw under his chin, giving a pithy quote fell to the ground. Desmond gave a final punch and let the bag swing and squeak. Well barely squeak. It did squeak, but was drowned out by the percussive beat, and rhythm of his music. 

He, and the rest of the people at the vigil were forced to leave the premises when the military arrived. The only bits of information he could hear was speculation on what happened. Desmond and Harry just looked at each other and knew it was more of those dinosaur things. When they attempted to split off, one of the MPs recognized the two and escorted them away from the school personally. Desmond in a rage said he had to go. He went home and began training. 

Desmond took a break and stepped away from the bag, undid his glove and checked his phone for what felt like the millionth time. He went to Jamie’s texts. A wall of hello’s, hey’s, and what happened filled the sent side, with no response from the other. He texted him again. “Hey man, what happened. Getting worried you got caught or somethin’. Text me back ASAP.” He sent the message.

The pit in his stomach opened wider. He turned the music up louder, retaped the velociraptor face to head level on the bag and let loose with another group of punches. His arms began to shake, and his punches got weaker and weaker with each throw after his series of continuous hits to match the continuous beats of his music. The drumbeats reminded him of Kyane’s drumming tick. Then of Kyane, and her great black hair, and beautiful eyes, and annoying comebacks that made her a dick, but also how she helped her team from getting killed by the big raptor guy so she was good, but also kind of hates people, but apologized for it today, but also was kind of distant and hated work, but it’s schoolwork, who likes school work, but she left early too and hasn’t said anything and that he should text her, but maybe not because that would be coming on too strong, but he was actually worried and – the door into the townhouse banged and his mother yelled at him to turn down his music and to get to bed because he had to get up early tomorrow. 

“Yes ma’am,” he said. He turned off his music and went back over to his phone. He went to Kyane’s name. He stared at the screen for just a little too long trying to decide if he should text her or not. He finally landed on yes, texted her and did. “Hey, I guess I missed you coming out of the bathroom after the service. That was rough, and so sad. Call or text or whatever if you want to talk. See you in class tomorrow. If were have class, right lol.” He sent the text and the pit in his stomach released a vat of butterflies out.

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