Triassic Invasion – Chapter 7, Period 5 (Period-a-Day)

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Period 5

A gust of crisp air flooded Jamie’s lungs. He jumped awake. He heard a rattle and a clank behind him as he jerked back. He looked around and saw that he was sitting on a mammoth rug and was in a hut, or camp tent. A larger carpet that he assumed would be a bed was farther back at his right, behind two bone posts. What really caught his eye was a vat of twelve eggs the height of a mailbox and the width of unfolding chairs. Two eggs were melded together, at the side. Jamie tried to jerk forward again, but finally felt the cuffs against his wrist. He looked at them. They were old, rusted, and bolted to the side of a tent. 

A chime sounded near the entrance to the tent. Jamie looked over to see Nyansa walk in with two raptor soldiers behind him. He held a small bowl of clear water. “Well, our guest is awake,” Nyansa said. He handed the bowl to one of the soldiers. The soldier walked up and placed the clay to Jamie’s lips. “Take a sip,” he said. “It’s not drugged or the like.” Jamie accepted the water. It cooled his throat all the way to his gut. “How do you feel?”

“Like a-like-a-ahh-like an ah prisoner,” Jamie said. “Or a-ahh meal.”

“You’re no meal,” Nyansa said. He sat just out of Jamie’s grasp. “You are bait.”

“A hostage.” 

“Yes,” Nyansa explained. “You are here to lure your hero person, Deious, here so we can kill him.”

“Dieous,” Jamie said. “It’s Dieous, and you don’t stand a chance.” Jamie leaned forward. “He beat that guy you sent to the school before, and all his soldiers. The rest of you will be a walk in the park for him.”

Nyansa broke out into a hearty belly-laugh. His soldiers followed suit. He wiped a tear from his eye with his tail. “Oh, that’s good, that’s good,” Nyansa finally got out. “Eorapst you must be referring to.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Jamie said. Any well of confidence he had dried up.

“He was new to the actual ranks.” He pointed to himself and then gestured to the room around him. “I was his direct superior officer.” He hopped up. “And in our society, we actually value strength to lead.”

“What is your society?” Jamie asked.

“You mean race, or species,” Nyansa read into. “Under your classification we would be Homo-Ischia.” 

“Okay,” Jamie said, taking it in. “Well, what do you, then Homo-Ischia want with our world, other than to be your buffet.” 

“You want to boil down an entire species existence into a single motive? That seems incredibly simplistic.” He paused for a moment. “What do Homo-Sapiens want with themselves? What are your plans as a species?” 

Jamie stared at the woolly carpet for a long time. If he was a computer, his fan would be blowing non-stop trying to run the question. 

“T…to… to… thrive I imagine,” Jamie said. 

 Nyansa extended his hand at Jamie. “There you go,” he said. “We as Homo-Ischia also want to thrive. We just need you humans to do that.”

“Why do you need humans?”

“Well,” Nyansa began, “Do you hear any birds?”

Jamie realized he hadn’t heard any other signs of life since he had arrived in this world. 

“Do-do those mon-monster eggs have something to do with th… th… that?” Jamie nodded to the vat across from him. 

Nyansa smiled. “Like I said earlier, I’m not going to give away all our secrets here. To give you a little information, those are the next generation who will lead us.”

“Dieous will stop you,” Jamie said. 

Nyansa began to speak until a footstep shook the ground around them. The chime dinged again. Both he and Jamie looked at the tent’s opening. The large red, orange, and yellow beast of a Homo-Ischia, Herreas, entered.  Jamie saw him carrying the bludgeoned carcass of a saber tooth tiger by one hand. Nyansa and his guards snapped to attention. “Colonel Herreas, sir,” Nyansa said.

“At ease,” Herreas said in a gravely deep voice. He stayed behind Nyansa. His body towered over Nyansa in every way. Jamie got another surge to crawl back into a deep hole and hide. “Is this the hostage you procured for me?” Herreas asked.

“It is, sir,” Nyansa said. 

“And you can guarantee that this ant will satisfy as bait?”

“The hero called him by name, meaning he has some sort of familiar tie to this hostage here, sir.” Jamie perked up when Nyansa mentioned the familiar tie portion of his description. Dieous must be someone who knows me, he thought. 

“He had better,” Herreas said. He stomped over to vat and tossed the carcass into the vat, then sat down on what Jamie thought was a bed, He then watched the carcass fizzle and disintegrate into a puddle of sludge then seeped into the eggs. He looked over and saw Jamie’s face of pure terror. “You better get used to watching that. Your hero will be the next one in line for the feeding.”

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